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Video Release: "Drawn to Life" by Jammer's Waffle House

The pop-rock band's latest video release features a magical mannequin, art lessons, and impromptu dancing.

Art credits: Marlee Finch

The Mississauga indie-rock quartet Jammer's Waffle House released a music video back in February for their 2021 single, "Drawn to Life". Made up of Matt Hinojosa on vocals, Keegan Porter on lead guitar, Colin Haugen on drums, and Vincent Petrunti on bass- the pop-rockers have been performing across the GTHA for the past six years.

Photo credits: Michael Crusty

The band's sound is heavily inspired by the old-school rock styles of bands like The Beatles and Barenaked Ladies.

"We try to keep things original in JWH and make each song sound unique," said Petrunti. "But we have an overall pop/rock style."

The band says "Drawn to Life" is about the beauty of creativity, and embracing it.

"I wanted to personify the creation of an idea and the struggles that accompany

believing in your art," said Hinojosa. "I often feel it can be difficult to feel like your art is making a

difference, and that entails a lot of second guessing creative choices. I think it’s important to be true to yourself as an artist and really trust your instincts as I feel that's the most fulfilling way to create."

Although the song was created back in 2019, the band hit some road bumps on the way to releasing it.

"We had our eyes on releasing the song as a summer tune in 2020 to coincide with our planned tour- but we all know how that turned out," said Hinojosa. "We spent some more time with it adding a few ideas, and decided it would be a fun way to start off 2021! The song turned into long labour of love that we are very proud of."

Hinojosa had a clear-cut vision for the video early on, although the end product came out a bit less chaotic.

"I really wanted to show off the band being ourselves and really laying into a lot of the energy we bring to the stage," said Hinojosa. "I also really wanted to have a tie in to the title, and that’s when I came up with the idea of our surprise co-star mannequin. We really wanted to bring in an outside force to mess with the band, and really make use of the creativity of an art studio. Not to mention it was a real treat to work with Effe Christakos, who absolutely kills her roll in the video. Overall, with the help of our amazing director Bence and Effe, we were able to fully realize our vision!"

Photo credits: Randy Landicho

Jammer's worked with director Bence Csuka to create the music video.

"We really felt he did an incredible job with the video and couldn’t be happier with his work," said Petrunti. "The whole project from beginning to end took a couple months, but a lot of that time was spent on planning and storyboarding. We filmed the entire video in one afternoon at Keegan’s house, and the song and the video both came out on February 12."

The guys hope their audience enjoys the energy they injected into the track.

"I'm really proud of a lot of the elements that have gone into making this song," said Hinojosa. "I hope they enjoy the lyrics, and hopefully have a little bit of the song stuck in their head."

The single shines a light on Porter's talent specifically.

"If there’s one thing I hope that listeners take away, it's Keegan’s guitar solo near the end," said Petrunti. "We at JWH are very proud of his guitar work on this one and is certainly a highlight on the new single!"

You can stream the band's music on all digital platforms, and follow their socials linked below.

"The best way to support us is by streaming, and to consider purchasing our tunes on Bandcamp," said Hinojosa. "It would mean a lot to us if you checked out our new video, and all our "from home" video series!"

Upcoming gigs:

(Postponed due to COVID-19.)


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