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“Sarah is a champion for music coming out of the GTHA. It’s hard to cut your teeth in this business as an emerging artist. Playlists, granting bodies, record labels, and various publications require you to have some modicum of press before they’ll give you any light of day. What I love about Sarah is that she gives us emerging artists a chance. You can tell when speaking to her, and in the ways that she writes about musicians, that she’s invested in our art. With Sarah, I always feel seen and heard. That is so important."

Aisha Barrow (Lifeandthetribe), pop/R&B musician

“Sarah is the pure definition of So chill to work with, and really has a big heart when it comes to supporting new artists. Talking to her is always a blast, and super professional!”

Andy Colonico, vocalist of Revive The Rose

“Working with Sarah over the last couple of years has been my privilege. I love her work supporting the community, writing informative, professional web content, and the insightful, detailed artist interviews she does- Sarah is one of the most talented upcoming journalists I know.”

Kevin Williamson (Ktriggs), hip hop musician

"Sarah always keeps a great vibe, making it really comfortable to open up and talk freely. Which, in my opinion, can always be difficult in a virtual setting. It's always a pleasure to chat!"

Cinzia & The Eclipse, pop/rock singer-songwriter
Cinzia&TheEclipse - Mrs.Makaveli.jpg

"Sarah is, without a doubt, very- and I repeat, VERY superb with her work. Sarah's attention to detail is impeccable and her personable traits make it very comfortable to work with her. From her blogs and interviews, down to her podcast, radio show and freelance work, there's no telling what she can accomplish next! It's a privilege to know such a go-getter as herself."

Wes Gray, hip hop musician

"Working with Sarah has been such an easy and delightful experience! She's nothing but kind and respectful, and passionate about the art she writes about. She's super chill and very easy-going!"

Julianna Jones, pop/R&B singer-songwriter
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"Sarah Jessica was an absolute pleasure to work with. Her positivity is infectious, and she always knows exactly what to say. The support that local artists receive from Sarah and her amazing blog is so heartwarming. Sarah's passion for the arts is incredible to see, and I can't wait to work on more with her in the future."

Alyssa DVM, pop/rock musician

"Sarah has always been extremely professional and efficient. Her services are affordable but excellent quality. We need more people like Sarah who are championing for the inside artists. I'm so glad I met her!"

0Stella, rock singer-songwriter
0stella tight pink.png

"Speaking with Sarah was an absolute pleasure! She is interviewing some of the best up-and-coming people in the music industry, and I'm so stoked I got the chance to talk with her. Sarah does a thorough job researching her guests, and represents her information in a very comprehensive yet entertaining way. She's putting in the work of a very promising journalistic career, keep an eye on this awesome human!"

Boxcar Ben, folk-rock singer-songwriter

"After working with Sarah, I only have good things to say about her and her business! From her dedication to consistency, her genuine intentions to support local talent, and her creation of a local network connecting local artists. She really is making magic in our community, and I look forward to working with her more in the future."

Anthony DiDomenico, Hamilton entrepreneur & musician
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