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Single Release: "Love Me Not" by Isabella Chiarini

This Hamilton songwriter encourages her fans to stand up for themselves on this rock-inspired single.

Photo credits: Rob Chiarini

Hamiltonian pop songstress Isabella Chiarini just dropped her second single of the year, following her upbeat May release, "All Alone." Compared to the dance-able previous track, "Love Me Not" is slower, emotionally heavier and vulnerable. Chiarini makes a point to prioritize variety when crafting new singles, and since Isabella has been writing music since she was a teenager, the artist already has a lengthy catalogue dating back to 2018.

"I would describe my sound as eclectic," said Chiarini. "Still always under the pop umbrella, but I always make a conscious effort to make my songs sound different from each other. I want my listeners to be able to tell the difference between my songs and the emotions I’m trying to convey."

Photo credits: Rob Chiarini

Although the pop musician takes inspiration from a variety of different artists, she admires iconic female vocalists known for their vulnerable, personable lyrics, hoping to similarly influence her own listeners.

"My musical influences change a lot," said Chiarini. "At the moment I’ve been listening to a lot of Adele and Alanis Morrisette! Both mainly for their incredible songwriting."

Chiarini wrote her newest track with the help of some friends.

"I wrote “Love Me Not” last year with Brian Melo and Paul Stephens," said Chiarini. "I sat on it for a bit before recording because it's super vulnerable, but I am so glad I’m finally getting to put it out."

Thanks to enlisting the help of Melo and Stephens, Chiarini says that the songwriting process flew by, and only took an hour and a half.

"I’ve known Brian since I was 9," said Chiarini. "Paul is so great at writing that the ideas kept flowing, and the process felt super easy!"

Photo credits: Rob Chiarini

The artist wanted to focus on hitting an edgier angle on "Love Me Not," highlighting the added guitar solo.

"I would describe this track as a subtle ballad with rock elements," said Chiarini. "One of my favourite parts in the song is the guitar solo in the bridge because I think it sounds so cool and adds a lot of character."

Isabella worked with producer Tal Vaisman to record "Love Me Not."

"He is amazing," said Chiarini. "I have worked with him a few times before, he has such great ideas and I never have to worry when the song is in his hands."

Above all else, the singer-songwriter hopes her audience feels empowered when listening to "Love Me Not," as the song's protagonist learns how to leave a relationship that isn't working for them.

"The point of the song is one person telling another that what they are doing basically isn’t working, and that if they can’t love them the way they are supposed, that it’s time to leave," said Chiarini. "I think that's super important, and a good message for all listeners."

You can help support Chiarini by streaming her music, following her socials, and attending her shows- linked below.

Upcoming gigs:

November 14, 2023. 6:30pm. $15. The Dive Shop, 1036 Gerrard St. E, Toronto.


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