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Toronto: Buffalo Bill

Named after The Silence Of The Lambs, this Toronto hard-rock band are killer.

Photo credits: Buffalo Bill (Left to right: Jeff Mastronardi, Jorge Sousa, Will Shannon.)

Self-described as, "biker bar blues fully loaded with vicious licks and pounding rhythms guaranteed to keep heads banging and the whiskey flowing," young rock band Buffalo Bill aren't shy about their love for good ol' hard rock and roll. The trio is made up of drummer Jeff Mastronardi, bassist Will Shannon, and vocalist/guitarist Jorge Sousa.

"I grew up listening to all types of music, and played piano when I was young," said Sousa. "I switched to guitar at the age of 13, and that’s when things really changed for me. I started playing in bands at 14 and haven’t stopped since. I’m inspired by so many different musicians and bands- but if I had to narrow it down, I’d say guitarists like Slash, Dimebag Darrell, Jimmy Page, Rich Robinson, and Stevie Ray Vaughn are my biggest."

Photo credits: Agoria Productions

Sousa bonded to music at an early age.

"I felt I'd had a connection and an ear for creating music, it was something that I could never seem to shake," said Sousa. "No matter how often people would tell me to “grow up”. Music is so powerful and can draw on people in so many different ways- it's pretty incredible. When we’re writing new material or throwing around new ideas, I can almost hear the completed song in my head and get goose bumps just thinking about the finished product. The vibe of a song or that drive is incredible and nothing compares to it."

Buffalo Bill became a band in late 2018.

"The band was born out of the ashes of a defunct project during which Jeff and I formed an instant musical connection," said Sousa. "Will was soon recruited as we needed a bass player, and the chemistry between the three of us was undeniable. From then it was about getting our sound together. We took approximately six to 12 months to get show ready, and by the end of 2019, we had our first show together as Buffalo Bill. As for the name, it all started as a joke between the three of us. We were discussing favorite movies and someone mentioned "Silence of the Lambs", and of course we threw around ideas and jokes. We’re all pretty easy going and wanted a name that would be recognizable, but also roll off the tongue with ease. The more we talked about the name the more it stuck, but it really hit home once we saw the logo that Jeff's acquaintance designed for us."

The guys find it important to create each song together.

Photo credits: Agoria Productions

"Our process is pretty organic in the way we write," said Sousa. "We have a group chat and everyone spends time recording riffs or parts, and sending them to each other before we meet at rehearsal. Once we get into the room we’ll talk about a riff and start building from there. It’s a pretty cool thing considering we all have diverse backgrounds and play multiple instruments."

Buffalo Bill describe their sound as an, "unapologetic Molotov cocktail of thrashy-blues-based hard-rock that’s best served cranked all the way up."

"We're all pretty diverse musically and it comes out in our sound," said Sousa. "We all

grew up listening to different styles and types of music, but there seems to be a common theme between the three of us. From Zeppelin to Guns n Roses, and Pantera to the Beatles. Take the “British Invasion”, mix it with the “Sunset Strip”, add a little bit of “Sloppy Southern” hot sauce, shake and garnish with a dash of “Thrash” and that’s the Buffalo Bill cocktail or sound."

The band had a pretty easy-going time recording their very first EP.

Photo credits: Jenifer Levine

"Our first release was an EP that came out in November of 2019, and it’s called The

Good, The Bad and You," said Sousa. "The process was pretty painless. We spent a good amount of time preparing before we went into the studio, so when we got there it was full steam ahead. The fact that the three of us had never recorded together before was a little concerning at first. I

mean, you just don’t know how people are going to be when they’re put under the microscope- but I think everyone was pleasantly surprised at how easy the recording process was. It’s a true testament to the preparation and commitment of the three of us when it was that smooth of a process."

Both of Sousa's favourite shows took place in his native city of Toronto.

"I have two that are my favourites for different reasons, our show at The Horseshoe

would have to be my first," said Sousa. "I’ve seen a ton of bands play there, both local and big touring acts. The history of the venue is so rich, and to know that you played on the same stage as some fantastic musicians is an honor. The venue is amazing and so are the staff and people behind the scenes. My second favorite show would be our EP release at the Bovine Sex Club. It was such an amazing night for us, and to have so many friends, family and fans there to help us

roll out our EP was epic. It’s also a great venue and feels really comfortable playing there."

The Good, The Bad and You has received glowing feedback.

"It’s gotten some great reviews, even out in the UK, and the positive comments from fans that we’ve interacted with at shows is great feedback to get," said Sousa. "I think people at first aren’t sure what we’re about and might be a little intimidated by us, but once they get a taste of our sound they seem to be hooked- that's an amazing feeling to know that something you’ve created resonates with people in a positive way. We’re definitely a live band and at some point we might try doing some “live off the floor” recordings, but I feel like we were able to capture our vibe and drive on The Good, The Bad and You."

When speaking about short-term goals, Sousa says the band is focusing on staying busy.

Photo credits: Jenifer Levine

"We’re in the midst of planning out the recording of a few new singles," said Sousa. "We’ve got to stay busy since things have gone to hell around the world. Short term goals are to keep writing new material, and once the world un-fucks itself and we can start playing live again, we’ll be back on stage. Hopefully sooner rather than later."

The boys are having fun doing what they're doing, and are trying to focus on creating the music they love.

"The future isn’t guaranteed, and I think we’re just enjoying the time we have," said Sousa. "If things amount to more that would be great, but I feel like at the moment we’re trying to live for the present and build a following, and hopefully that will turn into something bigger. But until then, we just keep working hard at our craft."

COVID-19 has hit Buffalo Bill hard, but they're looking forward to releasing new work.

"It sucks," said Sousa. "We had a ton of shows lined up and had started looking at making larger

plans- and then the world stopped. We stopped rehearsing and spent approximately three months on hiatus. Everything had to be rescheduled or cancelled for the safety of everyone. It definitely put a downer on 2020 for us, but we’ve gotten back to jamming recently and we’ll adjust and work towards new short term stuff."

Check out the Bandcamp and Teepublic links below to help support Buffalo Bill.

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