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The Inlet: Three Local Artists to Check Out This Fall

My published article on Hamilton arts & culture blog "The Inlet" from October 9th, 2019.

Here's a snippet of the article- visit the link below to read the full piece on The Inlet's website!


Freelance writer Sarah Jessica Rintjema tells us about the work of three local artists that she’s excited about this fall. Check out two of them, Robyn Lightwalker and Melissa Lam, at Friday’s art crawl.

Robyn Lightwalker

Robyn Lightwalker is an Art Crawl regular, two-time Art Battle winner, Hamilton native, and no stranger to the artist lifestyle.

Photo credits: Sarah Jessica

“I’ve been creating art since I was a kid,” said Lightwalker. “Everything that I do is either art or related to art. I do some life modelling, and some artist-assistant type gigs for artists that are way more successful than me — but I try to keep my living expenses as low as possible so that I have more money to spend on art supplies and travelling.”

Lightwalker’s mom, a painter and sculptor, encouraged her to create from an early age.

“My mom used to do a lot of figure drawings. Growing up, we had this mural on the wall of our house of this naked man, balls out and everything,” said Lightwalker. “She would create artsy games for my brother and I. She would fold a piece of paper over a few times and we’d each have a portion, I would draw the head, my brother the torso, my mom the legs. We didn’t know what the other was drawing, so we’d create these weird characters.”

On August 30, Lightwalker hosted an art exhibit at her Main Street studio for her “100 Butts” project. Her collection is made of oil paintings of friends, relatives, models, and complete stranger’s bare bums.


To read more, check out the link below to read my full published piece on The Inlet:


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