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Single Release: "Time Off From a Letdown" by Michelle Treacy

The 2019 winner of CTV's The Launch tries on a rock edge with her latest single.

Photo credits: Zoe Akiko

Michelle Treacy is a pop/rock singer-songwriter from Toronto, well known for her impromptu duet with Lady Gaga during her ArtRave tour, and as the 2019 winner of CTV's The Launch. Although Treacy's roots are in pop, her newest single released on October 30 2020 showcases a newfound sound in shoegaze rock.

"Although pop has influenced my past music, this brand new track is shoegaze rock," said Treacy. "This new direction represents a new beginning for me, creating what I want without limitations."

The music video shows Treacy in a melancholic state, reflecting on past memories as she lounges in Americana clothing and lays in country-side fields.

"Thematically, the song represents the feeling of letting everyone down; however, the reality being that you are only letting yourself down by putting others first," said Treacy. "It's about refocusing on yourself, as I have spent the last couple of years doing just that after going through such a dark time in my life. The cinematic video is a beautiful representation of this created by an all-female team. It is a piece of art in its purest form."

Check out the video and single from the Toronto artist above, and keep track of her upcoming releases by following her socials below.

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