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Single Release: "The World Is A Twirling Void" by Keith Mosfet

This Canadian singer-songwriter writes about generational tragedies on his latest single.

Canadian-born Keith Mosfet is an artist of many hats, experimenting with impressionist oil paintings for inspiration, and equipping his background in electric engineering to craft his alt-rock catalog. Currently living in Amsterdam, Netherlands, Keith discusses the tragedies of his generation on his latest single, "The World Is A Twirling Void."

"My bass player works for Nielsen Music, he's the guy who listens to new music being released and tags them with their genre," said Mosfet. "They then sell the data to Spotify, for example. He says we play "neo-psychedelic garage rock-revival", but sometimes mixing in indie rock. I just really like to experiment, and I let the song become what it wants to while writing and mixing. I think of myself more of a gardener than a songwriter, I let the song grow into its own thing."

Keith's influences are mainly classic indie-rockers, vintage rockers, or psychedelic acts- including the likes of The Kinks, Beck, The White Stripes, The Rolling Stones, Cage The Elephant, The Beatles, Tame Impala, Ezra Furman, The Strokes, Mac Demarco and much more.

"I started writing "The World Is A Twirling Void" at the beginning of the pandemic," said Mosfet. "While everyone was panicking and buying toilet paper, lots of friends were drowning in anxiety. For me the chaos of the world just kind of felt normal, but I think it's because I had a troubled upbringing. It kind of felt like everyone was finally experiencing what it was like for me as a child. Nothing you can do except go with the flow into the darkness of the void, and hope that things work out."

The musician wrote and recorded his single in just under a day or two.

"I sat on the mix I did for nearly a year and a half," said Mosfet. "I then met a producer friend, Keith Gomes, who convinced me to revisit this song and we remixed it together. I hated what I had done before, but now I am much happier!"

"The World Is A Twirling Void" is about the "once in a lifetime" traumatic events that people within Keith's generation have had to experience.

"War, recessions, terrorism," said Mosfet. "I feel like we've just become numb to it. It felt like I was falling in and out of love with a partner while the world was ending, but it didn't even matter."

Keith recorded most of the single in his old Toronto basement apartment.

"My friend Jack Wictor recorded the drums in his music school, then I visited my friend Charles Kostash at his apartment and we recorded the bass there," said Mosfet. "I sat on my mix of that for a year and a half, then moved continents to Amsterdam, where I met my friend Keith Gomes who encouraged and helped me remix this song and my upcoming EP."

This singer-songwriter wants his listeners to walk away from hearing his recent release not with with a sense of dread, but with newfound hope.

"The world is constantly falling apart," said Mosfet. "Every generation for thousands of years have convinced themselves it's the end of time, but it never really is. Have hope. Move forward with your lives and just try to make the best of it."

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