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Single Release: "Stay Away" By Analias

This Torontonian pop songwriter's friend wouldn't listen to his advice- so he turned it into a song.

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Toronto-based pop singer-songwriter and producer Analias tries to stick to a simple formula when crafting music: a classic pop single with an easily memorable chorus that you can't get out of your head.

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"I love Prince, Cher, Dua Lipa, Michael Jackson and Lana Del Rey," said Analias. "But realistically, to write music, I’m inspired by what surrounds me, what is happening around me, the people I’ve met, with whom I work and the places in which I grew up. I grew up with Arab people, African people, White people, gay people, straight people- and my music is a way to find ourselves around a common interest. We are a mixed generation, and when you're not afraid to mingle, you become unstoppable."

The artist began writing his latest single, "Stay Away" in February of 2022, which only took a couple of hours to complete. The creative then worked on self-producing the single, taking a few months to work out the details on the project. The song is directly inspired by the musician's experience giving advice to a friend- advice that wasn't being taken seriously.

"Short story, my best friend was complaining about a guy she was ”dating”, and I was so tired of repeating the same advice over and over again- advice she’d never listen to," said Analias. "So I wrote her this song so she could stop messing with my peace of mind!"

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Pop songwriter Analias writes, produces, records and mixes all of his work in his personal studio, a craft the artist has been perfecting since he was eight or nine years old. "Growing up, I learned to write songs on my keyboard, and after graduating with a masters in Data Analytics, I decided to level up and study at Abbey Road Studios music production and sound engineering," said Analias. "Today, I can create anything and everything, from A to Z. I even taught myself photography and videography to create a whole universe for the time of a song, where people can immerse themselves in."

Analias hopes that his listeners hear, and actually follow through with, the same advice that he gave his friend. "Don’t waste your time with fuckboys," said Analias. "They’re here for no good."

You can help support the artist by following his socials linked below, streaming his music, and grabbing some merch on his website. "Just stream my music and vibe to it!" said Analias.

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