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Single Release: "She's Alright" by Tyler Wilson

This Brantford singer-songwriter writes about a devastatingly average relationship on his latest single.

Photo credits: Tyler Wilson

Brantford-raised singer-songwriter Tyler Wilson dropped a love song about mediocre feelings. Titled "She's Alright", the indie-rock inspired track by the Checkerboard Floors guitarist follows a relationship that is just, well, alright.

"As far as my sound and style, I try to be a bit of a throwback while keeping it somewhat fresh," said Wilson. "Vintage sounding guitar riffs, punchy drums, and lots of emphasis on vocals and harmony. I keep it simple and I always have to make sure that what I’m doing is grooving. Pocket over fancy licks!"

Photo credits: Don Gleeson

Instead of going for the over-the-top cheesy romance, Wilson chose a more realistic theme for his love song. "My last EP, Hindsight 2020 is something I am very proud of, but it was something that took a lot out of me," said Wilson. "I put in countless hours working on the songs and production, and it turned out really great, but this time around I wanted something quick and dirty, relatively painless, simple and fun. I called it "She’s Alright" as kind of as an inside joke to myself, because most songs are written about extraordinary, unbelievable partners, and I thought there should be a song for someone who is just alright." Wilson says he had the idea for the single for a long time, but ended up completing the track within 15 minutes. "I wanted to lyrically paint a picture of an unstable relationship, or something along those lines," said Wilson. "Everybody has been head over heels for someone who doesn’t necessarily treat them the best."

The musician's single doesn't only sound like garage rock, it literally is garage rock.

Photo credits: Carolina Pelc

"This was recorded in my home garage studio on a pretty basic set up," said Wilson. "I play all the instruments and sing all the parts. There isn’t really a lot to it, but I feel like that’s the best part about it." When it comes to "She's Alright", Wilson doesn't want you to get too caught up in analyzing the lyrics.

"I hope no one really overthinks it!" said Wilson. "I just want people to bop around for three minutes, and have fun."

You can help support Tyler Wilson by streaming his music, following his socials, or by purchasing some merch. "Following me on Spotify or wherever you stream would be amazing," said Wilson. "You can also grab a t-shirt at, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be monetary support. I have a lot of fun on Instagram, so a follow would be great. And of course coming out to a live show would be tremendous support!"

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