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Single Release: "Rome" by S.O.A.P.

This Hamilton-meets-Toronto hip hop duo reintroduce themselves on their new single, "Rome".

Photo credits: Onglish

Toronto-based hip hop artist and poet Scribe meets Hamiltonian producer and DJ Onglish- combining their mutual musical knowledge and passion for the written word on S.O.A.P., their hip hop duo project. Describing their sound as, "unorthodox inside the box," the artists take influence from musicians like Snoop Dogg, Mick Jenkins, Blood Orange and Kaytranada.

The duo wrote their latest single "Rome" on October 23rd, 2021.

Photo credits: Onglish

"We got a place in Niagara and wrote a handful of songs," said Onglish. "We used the time to further find our sound as a group, and I feel this song shows that." It took Scribe about two hours to rap his part, then it was transferred to Onglish for production. "I worked on it for many many many hours" said Onglish. "Production ended this year, I sang a little part at the end and put a lot of effects on it in April." "Rome" begins by re-introducing S.O.A.P. "In the first verse, it's a reintroduction to the group and making clear that we don't make music for people who aren't connected to the culture," said Scribe. "The hook has two meanings: one is a shot at culture vultures, and the other is a way of announcing that we're here to make a mark. Even if people don't want us here."

Onglish alone engineered the sessions, produced the music and mixed it. "I want folks to hear how we are telling our story," said Onglish. "By sound choice, by word choice, and by the ways it is similar or different from our communities."

For S.O.A.P.'s listeners: the artists hope "Rome" helps you catch up.

"I want people to hear what a S.O.A.P. record sounds like today, vs. the things that were previously released," said Scribe. "I want to catch people up to where we are at."

You can help support S.O.A.P. by following their socials, streaming their music, and purchasing their art on the Bandcamp links below.

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