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Single Release- "Pandora" by 0Stella

Irish-Canadian rocker Liz Pomeroy's new single sounds like the perfect mash-up of The Beaches and Paramore.

Photo credits: Cut:Thru Media

Edmonton-based Liz Pomeroy performs under the name 0Stella- a zero, not an O, because she's an avid supporter of the zero waste movement. She often incorporates these social and political passions into her lyrics, and just this month, released the third single "Pandora" off of her debut EP, Little Yes, Little Know.

"Pandora was the fastest song I wrote on the record," said 0Stella. "I sat down and had the bulk of it written in 20 minutes. I recently found a video I'd made that afternoon and I was amazed to see how much my melody and lyrics in the verses changed to how they are now. I write and re-write my songs."

Photo credits: Cut:Thru Media

"Pandora came from a night I spent in Kelowna a few years ago," said 0Stella. "There was a period of time during the height of the #MeToo movement where it almost felt taboo to enjoy yourself. That song is me working out where I fit in all of that. It was an excellent thing to happen to society on the whole, but this song is a reminder that it's okay to enjoy yourself as well- so long as there's affirmative consent on both sides. When I went into the studio, my producer, Brad Simons, helped me refine a few points. Pandora is referring to a particular side of myself. A side that should probably be left with the lid on!"

0Stella recorded Little Yes, Little Know in Edmonton.

Photo credits: Cut:Thru Media

"I worked with Brad Simons as well as Randor Lin who engineered, and Brad Smith who mixed at Velveteen Audio in Edmonton for the entire Little Yes, Little Know EP," said 0Stella. "The whole experience was a blast from start to finish. I put that down, fully, to the Velveteen team being so much fun to work with. Each day was lighthearted and full of creativity. None of this would have turned out as good, however without my stellar bandmates on the recording: Jonathan Tilley on guitar, Joel Jeschke on drums, Aretha Tillotson on bass and John Calverley on fiddle. They all slay. I'd be nothing without such a fantastic team. I also have to give a shout-out to the Edmonton Arts Council for funding the entire thing. Without their help it would have turned out very differently, I'm sure of that."

Releasing Pandora has had it's ups and downs.

"Overall the release has been very positive. It's too bad that it so closely preceded the COVID-19 pandemic," said 0Stella. "I feel a bit gross talking about it too much these days, but I suppose I have to, now that all my touring has dried up. We had to come home amid our tour of AB, BC and SK just this week and there's nothing booked for the foreseeable future. However, it's getting steady airplay across the country on college radio. Those stations have been incredible to me the past 6 months since Little Yes, Little Know's release. Pandora also gets featured on Calgary's X92.9 and a number of internet radio stations. It's been described as a mix between Paramore and The Beaches which is a massive compliment!"

Unfortunately 0Stella, like millions of other artists globally, has to put her shows on hold.

Photo credits: Cut:Thru Media

"There are no more shows booked until this pandemic calms down," said 0Stella. "In lieu of that, the best way for fans to support me is to call into their local college radio stations and request Pandora as often as they can."

"Another way is to buy any merch from Bandcamp today, as Bandcamp have lifted all the commission they charge artists normally, to help them out in the wake of a decimated touring schedule." said 0Stella. "I also have a store on my website, and a subscription service coming this week. We had an amazing time shooting the official music video for Pandora with Cut:Thru Media last week. That video should be out on YouTube in the next couple of weeks. There'll be lots of competitions to win some limited edition pink Pandora vinyl in the coming weeks. The best way to get involved is by signing up to my mailing list or to subscribe to my YouTube channel."

Be on the lookout for 0Stella's upcoming music video for Pandora, and while you're waiting, visit her Bandcamp page below to help support her and your other favourite musicians during these uncertain times.

Upcoming gigs:

(Postponed due to COVID-19.)


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