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Single Release: "Making Good" by Basic White

The London, Ontario band suggests "making good" during these tumultuous times.

Art credits: Riley White

Basic White is made up of Riley White on vocals and guitar, Jordan Wallace on drums, and Sandro Di Stefano on guitar- they're a London, Ontario band who cemented the three-piece after meeting in College. The indie-rock outfit takes inspiration from blues, rock and folk artists to create their most recent uplifting single, "Making Good", released on March 12, 2021.

Photo credits: Ron Boudreau

"I would describe our sound as a feel-good rock n' roll vibe," said Wallace. "Our sound comes from some great Canadian artists and bands such as Sam Roberts, Matt Mays, The Sheepdogs, Glorious Sons, and the Arkells. We like to promote a lively stage presence and make sure that everyone at a show is having the best time possible."

The band started writing "Making Good" in July of 2020.

"The lyrics are about making good in any situation," said Wallace. "No matter the struggle, being negative only adds fuel to a fire. We need to make an effort each and every day to do our best for everyone, unconditionally, just because. It was written in a time of COVID-19 lockdowns when all humans can benefit from making good."

Photo credits: Ron Boudreau

Basic White recorded the single entirely themselves.

"We're still learning new recording techniques, we weren't sure how things would turn out," said Wallace. "But by the end we couldn't be happier with the sound, and we are keeping the train rolling!"

The boys hope their latest single inspires listeners, and manages to lift some spirits.

"We want to spread positive vibes to all our listeners in a time it's needed," said Wallace. "Hopefully someone will hear the song and 'pay it forward' in a way, and brighten someone else's day. We're really sharing a new side of Basic White with our audience, and letting everyone know we have a little bit of a softer side too!"

You can help support Basic White by following their socials, streaming their music, and visiting their website linked below.

Upcoming gigs:

(Postponed due to COVID-19.)


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