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Single Release: "Goddam" by Lifeandthetribe

Lifeandthetribe's latest single is an exclamation of confidence.

Photo credits: Aidan Tooth (@aidan.tooth)

Hamiltonian R&B/pop singer-songwriter Aisha Barrow dropped her latest track under moniker Lifeandthetribe titled "Goddam", a finger-snapping buttery-smooth single about a woman dripping with confidence.

Photo credits: Aidan Tooth (@aidan.tooth)

"I truly don’t like being boxed into any one genre, so I dabble in pretty much everything," said Barrow. "Listeners will get the chance to hear some of that versatility in my upcoming releases over the next couple of months! My main inspiration for this project was to make a feel good, empowering track that people could dance to coming out of COVID-19. Focusing on that intention is really what shaped this song."

The influences behind "Goddam" reflect Barrow's dance-centric goals for her single.

"The track is further inspired by artist such as Kirk Franklin, Janet Jackson, and Bruno Mars," said Barrow. "These are all artists that largely operate within their own genres, but their commonality is they know how to get people moving."

Lifeandthetribe's latest single was a collaborative effort.

"I wrote "Goddam" with my good friend and collaborator Nathanael Pollard," said Barrow. "Nathanael came to me at the end of 2018 with a cool chord progression, it instantly piqued my interest because it combined all the elements that I love about jazz, R&B and pop. Once we figured out the structure of the song, the lyrics were written quickly. The entire process took no more than a couple of days."

In typical Lifeandthetribe fashion, "Goddam" focuses on unapologetic female-fronted swagger.

Photo credits: Aidan Tooth (@aidan.tooth)

"The lyrics are about a woman, who exudes so much confidence that it makes you exclaim, "Goddam!"" said Barrow. "I often write with the intention of giving myself advice, and "Goddam" is truly the embodiment of that process. I wrote the song at a time when I wasn't feeling like my best self. The lyrics of the song are a reminder of the strong and confident woman I know myself to be, even if sometimes I forget it."

The track was recorded at ARC Recording Studios here in Hamilton, Ontario.

"The production of the song was done by Garrett Lajoie and Nathanael Pollard," said Barrow. "Garrett and I have collaborated before and we’re comfortable with each other, so it was a very easy process!"

According to Barrow, "Goddam" is more than just a song- it's a proclamation of self-confidence.

"The world can often make you feel as though you are not enough, and with this song, I hope listeners can be reminded that being enough is not something someone else gets to decide for you- it's who you are, it's your birthright," said Barrow. "I would love for listeners to look at themselves in the mirror as they are listening to this song and say to themselves, "GODDAM!""

Want to help support Lifeandthetribe? You can start by following her socials linked below.

"Listeners can support by purchasing or streaming the song on their preferred platforms, sharing it with their friends and just in general having a good time with it," said Barrow. "Or by visiting my Bandcamp!"

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