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Single Release: "forgot to forgive" by Alex Porat

Listen to the Toronto pop singer's latest single- but beware of the video if you've got a thing against clowns.

Photo credits: Pat Ryder

Toronto pop singer-songwriter Alex Porat has released her latest single "forgot to forgive", the fourth off of her upcoming debut EP bad at breakups. The breathily sung pop ballad arrived with an accompanying music video, where Porat exchanges her recognizable polished outfits and bright colours for dark circles, sweaty foreheads and haunted clowns.

“"forgot to forgive” is about being haunted by your past and being unable to move on," said Porat. "Growing up, I was taught that being able to forgive and forget was a powerful skill, but I always had a really hard time forgiving and bad memories would stay with me for as long as I let them. To this day, I’m still trying my best to learn how to let go."

Porat compares her performance in the music video to the feeling of sleep paralysis- frozen in bed, staring at the terrifying image of a clown who giggles as she panics.

"I love how the video reflects an experience of sleep paralysis in connection with being haunted by people from the past," said Porat. "It mirrors the story the song tells and really brings to life the nightmare that a bad memory leaves you with."

The video was directed by Iris Kim, who previously worked with Porat on her videos for "never say ily again," "only hanging out cuz i'm lonely," and "happy for you."

"The approach to "forgot to forgive" was so different than any of our other shoots," said Porat. "It was our first overnight since it needed to be filmed in a dark area, which actually worked to our advantage- although we felt a bit loopy in the end. Alex was such a trooper, literally down to do anything. I asked her to cry at a certain part, which she did, but it didn’t turn out because of the positioning of her body in relation to camera. Her and Kate, the clown, complimented each other so well, too. There were parts where Kate would go into character and everyone behind camera was shuddering because of how bizarre she looked."

"forgot to forgive" is the final single from Porat's upcoming debut 4-track EP, bad at breakups. Keep an eye on the artist by following her socials below, and stream the single through the Spotify link above.

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