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Single Release: "Another Love Song" by Isabella Chiarini

This Hamilton-based singer-songwriter wants her listeners to step up, and demand their voices be heard.

Photo credits: Rob Chiarini

Independent singer-songwriter Isabella Chiarini describes her upbeat, electronic-pop sound as eclectic. Taking inspiration from R&B, rock, and general pop, the Hamilton-based musician uses these influences to diversify her sound on her latest single, "Another Love Song".

Photo credits: Rob Chiarini

"Some of my major influences are Selena Gomez, Lady Gaga, Faouzia, Madonna and Queen," said Chiarini. "These artists influence me because they all stay true to themselves, and in my opinion, stand out from the rest."

Her latest single was written in the southern music city of Nashville, Tennessee.

"I started working on “Another Love Song” about two years ago before the pandemic," said Chiarini. "I wrote it in Nashville in a four hour songwriting session. In that same session we recorded a demo- this was one of my fastest co-writes, it felt very easy."

Chiarini had help crafting her single from a couple producer friends.

"I wrote the song and produced it with Britton Cameron," said Chiarini. "It was then sent to another producer named Femke, she added a lot of fun pop elements that I absolutely loved! During the making of this song there weren't many downs- Britton and I had been writing together for almost two years at the time, so there was already a level of trust and it was always a fun time. Once he sent me the demo track, it was smooth sailing. We sent it to Femke and she completely understood our vision!"

Instead of settling on a clichéd love song, Chiarini felt the lyrics she co-wrote held a ton of anger, so she changed the theme.

Photo credits: Rob Chiarini

"It's about someone who is getting over the breakup of a relationship, but not a traditional love story," said Chiarini. "It could be a breakup between partners, friends, or family- something personal to the listener. Instead of writing something “sappy”, or “sad”, it's more of an empowerment song, stating that it’s okay to be independent and to control your own voice."

The musician took inspiration from personal tragedy.

"When I was three years old my mom died of cancer," said Chiarini. "When I wrote this, I was thinking about how even though I never experienced a relationship with her, I am still able to be who I want to be and use my voice for good, just like she did."

After listening to "Another Love Song", Chiarini wants her audience to feel empowered.

"When people hear this song, I hope it gives them strength when a relationship goes south," said Chiarini. "I hope it gives them the power to take back their voice."

You can help support Isabella Chiarini by streaming her music, and by following her socials linked below.

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