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Remix Release: "Fire" by 0Stella and Callistan

A re-imagining of 0Stella's original alt-rock track, Callistan's "Fire" is a dance-pop declaration of imperfection. Pre-save now!

Photo credits: Liz Pomeroy and Cut:Thru Media

A remix of an original single, 0Stella's "Fire" will be trying on a different sort of style with the collaboration with Dublin-based artist Callistan. Originally an alt-rock anthem, Callistan turned "Fire" into a pop-infused dance track. Releasing on September 25th, the artists decided to work together out of a shared experience with stereotypes, lack of identity, and accepting imperfections.

“I managed to catch up with Callistan last year when I was on tour in Ireland," said 0Stella. "I had just released the ‘LYLK’ EP and ‘Fire’ was the stand-out track for him. We discovered a lot of similarities to our stories spanning the decade since we’d last seen each other. This EP deals with some heavy subjects, so it was really fun to re-imagine this track with a lighter vibe.”

Photo credits: Callistan | Pictured above: Callistan

0Stella admires Callistan for his optimism and sense of self-identity.

“I’ve always loved Callistan’s energy and outlook on the world," said 0Stella. "We’ve both struggled with identity - he as a Trans man and me as an Irish immigrant and dealing with steroetypes of drinking that come along with that. I had difficulty detaching myself from it. While "Fire" touches on the darker side of substance abuse, Callistan’s treatment gives that brazen song a sense of self-forgiveness that transforms it into a dance anthem.”

Callistan empathized with the message 0Stella expressed in "Fire".

Photo credits: Liz Pomeroy and Cut:Thru Media

“I love the origins of the song; a "declaration of imperfection"," said Callistan. "Everyone has their own struggle with that. As a Trans man, I've struggled silently for most of my life with that. I try to remind myself constantly that imperfection is something that can be prized. It can be what gives us empathy or keeps us human. In that sense, I feel that the reimagining of the song celebrates the imperfection we all feel and brings us a bit closer in doing so."

0Stella wants her audience to embrace the messy imperfections that make us human.

“As an Irish immigrant in Canada, I’ve often struggled to find my own identity," said 0Stella. "We can all feel pressured to live up to a stereotype. ‘Fire’ is a brazen declaration of your own imperfections. When Callistan and I reconnected and discovered so many similarities in our stories, it felt right to re-imagine ‘Fire’ in a lighter, more upbeat way. It takes courage to find out who you really are. The process can be messy and ugly, so you might as well lighten up and have a dance."

"Fire" by 0Stella and Callistan will be available on the 25th of September, 2020. Pre-save the remix by visiting the link below.

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