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EP Release: "Keegan Larose" by Keegan Larose

Hamilton musician Keegan Larose has dropped his debut self-titled EP- check it out here!

Photo credits: Taylor Wilson

Musician and Mohawk College Music graduate Keegan Larose released his debut self-titled EP Keegan Larose on October 2, 2020. The folk-rock artist was born and raised in Cornwall, Ontario- but prefers to call himself a Hamilton-based artist.

Photo credits: Taylor Wilson (Pictured above: Keegan Larose)

"I do my best to identify with the city I was born in, however, I haven’t had a permanent residence there for quite some time," said Larose. "If I had to choose just one, I’d say I’m a Hamilton artist. I find myself saying I’m an Ontario singer-songwriter often enough as well."

When describing his style, Larose finds it hard to pinpoint his exact sound, but he believes he's managed to narrow it down for his self-titled EP.

"I might describe it as the storytelling styles of folk music, blended with the mature sounds of adult alternative," said Larose. "With some catchy pop hooks, and diverse rock guitar playing."

Keegan Larose began taking form in the fall of 2019.

"I began working on this EP last September," said Larose. "The songs were written prior, and arranged and rehearsed in the summer months. We had many recording sessions for the following six months, taking us to February 2020. Thankfully we finished tracking everything just before the COVID-19 restrictions were put into place."

As a project, Keegan Larose explores themes of self-identity, loss, and discovering your purpose.

Photo credits: Taylor Wilson

"There’s one song on the EP that deals with loss, and I think it stands out theme wise," said Larose. "The other four songs have an overarching theme of purpose, questioning it, struggling with it and ultimately finding it. Not only that, but finding happiness in those decisions you’ve made and the little things in life each and every day."

"Forks" is the first track on the album. It's titled as a hint towards the song's theme- standing at a fork in the road.

"The opening track, "Forks", is not about eating utensils, but rather the forks in a road," said Larose. "The song reflects on a past friendship that grew to have a will-they-won’t-they aspect, both parties flirting with the idea of pursuing more but at different points in time. It was a way for me to question my past decisions and maybe even feel regret."

When writing "Stick It Out for a While", Larose felt stuck in a rut.

"I felt I was in a rough spot, both generally in life and musically," said Larose. "Pushing myself to my physical limits working a dead-end job and struggling with a wave of writer’s block. I wrote the majority of the song in one session. Growing frustrated with not being able to finish any of my work, I decided to rethink my goals and set a new plan of action. Ultimately, there wasn’t much I could do, which lead me to the line “stick it out for a while”. All I needed to do was fill in the gaps to complete the tune. The song also doesn’t feature any minor chords, it only has the happy sounds of major chords- exactly what I needed at the time."

The third track, "Man I Never Knew" is written about the memory of Larose's late grandfather, who passed away when Larose was a teenager.

Photo credits: Taylor Wilson

"Dealing with the loss of a family member or friend is something I have very little experience with, and feel very blessed for," said Larose. "I wasn’t very rebellious, but like many kids that age, I shied away from family gatherings and visits. I never got to know the man before he passed, and was left with questions and short, undetailed facts or stories told by my father. Filling in the blanks myself, the song is both fact and fiction. My own version of the man, but yet still a man unknown."

"Quest For Life" was written about Larose's struggle with fitting in.

""Quest For Life" was one of the first songs I wrote," said Larose. "The lyrics tell a story of finding purpose, I always felt like the odd man out in every one of my circles. I questioned some paths I chose to take. Writing and performing this song gave me confidence in what I was doing."

On "Enjoy Yourself", Larose warns his audience about the dangers of over-working yourself, and encourages his listeners to find happiness in every day.

"Carpe diem; seize the day, that is the message of "Enjoy Yourself"," said Larose. "Another song inspired by that dead-end job, I was working nine to five, Monday to Friday and living for the weekend. I was miserable, living in a shell of who I once was. It brought me to the breaking point, physically and mentally. Something just clicked for me one day. I needed to put myself and my health first, and that’s exactly what I did. I was eventually relieved of my duties, and it was the best thing to happen to me. This song is a reminder to all that life is to be lived every day of the week. Take the time to do that thing you love. It doesn’t need to be for long, but find joy in every single day."

Larose hopes to make a lasting impact on his listeners by teaching them the importance of living life in the moment.

"If there’s one thing I want listeners to take away from this EP, it’s the message behind Enjoy Yourself," said Larose. "Life has to be lived every day. Whether it’s for just a short moment or a few hours, find joy in each and every day, no matter what kind of day you’re having. It can be easy to forget or lose sight of this. Do that thing that brings you happiness- make the time for it, this is your reminder. Do it now!"

Upcoming gigs:

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