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EP Release: "High Heels in the Moshpit" by Michelle Treacy

The Toronto singer-songwriter goes full 70s vintage chic on "High Heels in the Moshpit".

Photo credits: @colingaudet45

Hailing from Toronto, the former pop singer-songwriter and winner of CTV's The Launch Michelle Treacy goes full Gaga on her latest EP, High Heels in the Moshpit. Swapping boho aesthetics and cowboy hats for 70s guitars and loud prints, Treacy leans into her vintage rock and art-pop influences on this dance-y, eclectic project.

"My style is Austin Powers meets Tame Impala!" said Treacy. "My main inspiration is freedom."

Photo credits: @colingaudet45

The songstress started writing her EP in May of 2020.

"To be honest, my producer had been begging me to dive into this sound for about five years," said Treacy. "And, for the first time ever, I truly felt like myself while recording. I didn’t judge myself, I wrote what felt right. There was no agenda, other than to have fun! The persona is me, as raw and fun as can be. The main theme is losing inhibitions and resisting the urge to self-censor. If a lyric would elicit the reaction, “Wait….did she really say that?”, then we left it in!"

Treacy recorded the entirety of her vocals at home.

"I recorded all the vocals naked in my closet in Toronto," said Treacy. "Eraserhead cut the basic tracks to tape in Philly. Yung Spielburg was the center of my production team, putting together all the parts, co-writing all the songs with Rick Tempoaro and I, and bringing our vision to life. My partner Kyle vocal produced!"

Treacy describes the first track, "Anything Goes" as Grease meets Boogie Nights.

"Imagine the saying, “I had a long week last night,” but in song form. “Anything Goes” is like Grease meets boogie nights…or something like that. The lyrics take you through a wild night with a few out of body experiences and reckless abandon.

“Precious Is The Time” is about letting it all go.

"It's a call to action to kindly give away your last fuck, put your hands up, sweat, and move your body," said Treacy. "I challenge the listener in the verses to keep up with me!"

The third track, “It Feels So Good to Be Back", was inspired by COVID-19.

"This song is exactly what the title says," said Treacy. "Take the energy from the “I'm not fucking leaving," scene from The Wolf of Wall Street, but instead of not leaving, we are back! It was inspired by imaging a return to shows after COVID-19. I cannot wait to play this live. The verses are pithy and sarcastic as fuck, because I wanted them to be."

On her fourth single, Treacy turns hip hop, and describes the single as a celebration of everything that makes Michelle Treacy feel good.

Photo credits: @colingaudet45

“On "Hustler Baby", I sing: "I’m that lady, hella brainy, got you in my pocket. I’m in St. Tropez, wearing high heels in the moshpit.” Anything that made the cut of this EP had to feel good. All I can say is when I sing those words I am that lady!" said Treacy.

Treacy ends her EP on "Love Every Minute", as a nod to her romantic producer, taking heavy influence from rock-pop idol Miley Cyrus.

"My producer falls in love ten times a day," said Treacy. "It's hopeless."

The musician hopes her batch of tunes inspire her listeners to shake off feelings of anxiety and distress, and choose to have a dance party instead.

"I hope this EP makes people feel free and seen," said Treacy. "I hope people allow themselves to let go when listening to it. It’s time to feel good, get up, dance, and hug each other again."

Listeners can help support Michelle Treacy by streaming her music, and following her socials linked below.

"Share yourself dancing to it!" said Treacy. "Check out my merch store. When the pandemic is over- come to some shows!"

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