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COMING UP: Thomas Duxbury & Bruce Cole @ Stonewalls

Join the boys this Friday at Hamilton's Stonewalls Restaurant for a night of blues-rock.

Photo credits: Heather Sinclair

Hamilton's music scene is having a comeback.

Since the city officially moved into Stage 3 back in late July, musicians across Hamilton have been working their butts off to revive live music- and this Friday, the 18th of September 2020, members from New Mother Nature and The Blank Spaces are performing at Hamilton's Stonewalls Restaurant.

"The event was arranged by my friend Heather Sinclair of H&G Entertainer Services," said Duxbury. "She has been working very hard lately to try and get live music happening again in the city. She approached me about this Stonewalls show a few weeks ago and here we are! Bruce Cole of The Blank Spaces will also be performing- it should be a fun evening!"

Photo credits: Nick Dmytrenko (Pictured above: Thomas Duxbury)

In order to keep live music safe for everyone involved, artists and venues must abide by COVID-19 restrictions.

"In terms of COVID restrictions- masks must be worn, and physical distancing measures will be in place," said Duxbury. "For this Stonewalls has provided staff with masks and sanitizer to make sure everyone is staying safe. For the evening there will be a maximum capacity of 50 people allowed in the venue at a time. Stonewalls is a rather large venue, so I don’t see keeping distance as too big of an issue. As for booze and food, they will have their regular menu available for the evening. Stonewalls has also provided $5 Bud or Bud Light to anyone who has a student card for the evening!"

Photo credits: Nick Dmytrenko

Duxbury hopes to set a good example for Hamilton artists as live music is re-introduced to the city.

"I hope this show opens the door to more live music opportunities around the city," said Duxbury. "I think this is an opportunity to show that people can behave responsibly in these situations so that we can one day enjoy live music and events like we did months ago. Events like this are a stepping stone for more opportunities for musicians and artists around the city, I feel that any small step helps."

Duxbury recommends that you reserve your seat beforehand, by purchasing your $12 ticket from this Eventbrite link. There will still be tickets available at the door, the show will be from 6:30pm-9pm, and don't forget your mask!


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