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How You Can Help Support Asian Communities

Anti-Asian hate crimes have been steadily rising since the beginning of the pandemic, here's how you can further educate yourself on stereotypes and the history behind Asian hate, and how you can help support those effected.

I've attached videos, links to organizations and charities, and fundraisers from both Canadian and American creators. Anti-Asian racism is just as prevalent in Canada as it is across the border.

Recent Reports of Anti-Asian Hate Crimes in Canada

History of Anti-Asian Hate


The hyper-sexualization of Asian women in media.

The "model minority" myth and how it hurts everyone.

Hailey Cheng makes terrific TikToks debunking Asian stereotypes.

Ted Talks

Donate & Support


The Asian Canadian Benevolent Association for the Elderly

Vancouver Chinatown Foundation

Canadian Society for Asian Arts

Asian Solidarity Fund

Chinese Canadian National Council

Toronto's Butterfly Asian and Migrant Sex Workers Network

Vancouver's SWAN Culturally-Specialized Supports & Advocacy for Im/Migrant Women Engaged in Indoor Sex Work


Asian Mental Health Collective

AAPI Community Fund

Apex For Youth

Yong Ae Yue Memorial Fund (Atlanta victim)

Suncha Kim Memorial Fund (Atlanta victim)

Hyun Jung (Kim) Grant Memorial Fund (Atlanta victim)

John Chen's Fund for His Injured Grandmother


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