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HOTSHOTS Episode #4- The Link Between Mental Illness and Art with David Koffman

Musician, osteopath and mental health advocate David Koffman discusses the link between musicians, art, and mental illness.

Art credits: Jordyn Doyle

This is HOTSHOTS, a podcast for musicians and professionals within the scene to discuss the ups and downs of working within the music industry. Of course, I'm your host, Sarah Jessica.

Join David and I as we discuss his recent Borderline Personality Disorder diagnosis, celebrating a month of sobriety, and Kanye West x Joe Rogan.

David Koffman is the singer of Hamilton rock band Dirty Rick (@dirtyrickmusic), a student studying osteopathy, and mental health advocate. (@howlinfrog)

Intro/outro music by Nathanael Pollard and Nick Rhodes. (@nattydreddz, @nickrhodes7134)

Artwork by Jordyn Doyle. (@doylejordyn_)


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