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Video Release: "Separate Occasions" by Dimi

Toronto producer Dimi dropped a smoky music video for his recent single.

Working off of his debut EP First Listen, Toronto-based producer and songwriter Dimitri Andic dropped a music video in collaboration with his older brother, Dragan Andic. "Separate Occasions" featuring Derek Wise is the second track on First Listen, a slow, vibey, sensual single showcasing the producer's atmospheric beats.

(screengrab) Middle: Dimi Andic

"We had a powerhouse lineup for the creative team behind this video. We had The.97, my older brother- right hand man- directing the project, along with some production help from his amazing team," said Dimi Andic. "Shoutout to everyone, you know who you guys are! We had Zac Facts, one of the most talented cinematographers, shooting the video. We also had my good friend Unimerce playing a cameo in the music video, which was super dope."

The smoky, cigar-lounge style music video depicts the hip hop artists counting stacks surrounded by women. The .97, or Dragan Andic, and Zac Facts were the creative minds behind the video.

"Dragan and Zac work very well together, they’re a dangerous combo," said Dimi Andic. "Their first project together was "Drugs & Love" with Swagger Rite and Roy Woods. When I saw that video I knew the creative chemistry between the two was unmatched. I approached Dragan in early June and asked him if he was down to collaborate with Zac again for my first music video, and here we are now."

Artist manager, director, and creative director Dragan Andic calls himself a perfectionist when it comes to the detail work behind a new project.

"This project was super fun," said Dragan Andic. "I like to take my time when writing a treatment for a music video, I pay attention to every detail- I’m a perfectionist when it comes to my work. Whether it’s photography, or directing a music video, I always give my 110% with every project I take on. The filming process was super fun, we had a lot of talented people that we had the pleasure of working alongside. From Derek and his team, to Unimerce and her team, there was a lot of great energy on set."

(screengrab) Left: Dragan Andic

The brothers plan say they definitely plan on creating projects together in the future.

"Family comes first!" said Dimi Andic.

Dragan hopes the viewers pay attention to the aesthetics of "Separate Occasions".

"I definitely want the audience to appreciate the cinematography, the lighting, the mood, and the vibe of the video," said Dragan Andic. "I started off as a photographer in Toronto in late 2016, listening to Derek Wise while travelling to all go my gigs back then- it’s surreal that a few years later I got the opportunity to direct one of his music videos."

Dragan Andic has some advice for up-and-coming Toronto artists.

"Keep real friends around you who truly support and appreciate you," said Dragan Andic. "I’m very grateful to have such a solid team around me that I can trust and grow with. The more you grow, the more you’ll start to realize who is really by your side. As far as the work goes, there’s no stopping this year."

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