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Video Release: "Sangria" by Myles Castello

Missing summer? Travel back a month by watching R&B artist Myles Castello's video for his fruity single "Sangria".

Photo credits: Mihilo Andic

Photographer credits: Karim Adada

Toronto musician Myles Castello was raised on pop and R&B- a combination of styles that he now uses to define his music, and one that delivers a sweet goodbye to summer on one of his newest tracks, "Sangria".

"The lyrics for Sangria are about not being able to say no to something," said Castello. "It's about saying yes to something you know you shouldn’t, and giving in. Its an overall message about temptation and how it creeps in when you least expect it to."

The artist released the accompanying music video on September 10 2020, which was filmed with director Dragan Andic (The 97") in August.

"The director Dragan, or The 97”, did a great job in pulling my vision out of my head and onto the screen," said Castello. "The concept of isolation was definitely the main point of the video. Dragan brought in these amazing ideas of having my travel and feel like I’m the only one in the world that we created."

"Sangria"'s video is hazy in a hot summer fashion- following Castello as he picnics in a field, paddles in a canoe, lounges in a fire-side hammock, and rides his bike down a deserted forest road. His fans agree- "Sangria" is his strongest video so far.

Photo credits: Karim Adada

"When I released the video, the general response was great," said Castello. "I feel like it's the best looking video I have done to date, and a lot of people seemed to agree. I’m always looking for a new best, whether that's in myself, or with the people I'm working with."

When listening to "Sangria", Castello wants his audience to feel inspired to break free of their temptations.

"I hope my audience is able to reflect on their own temptations, and think about something that may be holding them back – to become free from it."

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