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Video Release: "Moods" by Dammit Goldie

Watch this Hamiltonian hardcore group get angsty on a farm in the video for "Moods."


Dammit Goldie aren't quite sure what they are. The Hamiltonian four-piece associate themselves with grunge, post-hardcore, and punk or pop-punk genres, calling themselves an "amalgamation of all things heavy," and citing inspiration from many different artists. However a listener may label them, Dammit Goldie says that through it all, they remain holding onto a distinct, signature vibe. "Our sound is very eclectic, but falls generally within the punk and metal genres, but we'll jump from a straight from the 90s grunge tune to a new age metalcore sound," said Evan Cannavicci. "The beauty of this band is that there is no set sound. We like to play with everything."

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Made up of Josh Smith on vocals and guitar, Evan Cannavicci on guitar, Tommy Metcalfe on drums and Cam Watson on bass, the four-piece are led by manager Richard Douglas, and have released six singles since their formation in 2020. Their latest single, "Moods," had been kicking around for a few years until Metcalfe and Watson joined the band. "Originally there was no bridge, just intro/verse/chorus/verse/chorus," said Smith. "Then we had a really great writing session and I ended up coming up with that heavy-bendy bridge, and the guitar solo. Came together really nice and was the first song we wrote together as a band."

Once Metcalfe and Watson joined, the song was done in about a month. "All in all, the song lived for some years until it was completed," said Cannavicci. "The skeleton was there, then it was put on the back burner for a number of years until it resurfaced."

The meaning behind the song? For Smith, it reflects his personal philosophy.

"If Josh hasn’t mentioned it yet I’m sure he will soon," said Metcalfe. "But he’s a plant-murdering herbivore. In other words, a vegan."

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"Take it as you will," said Smith. "I have my own meaning behind the song, which is a pretty clear meaning- stop fucking up the planet and stop hurting other people and animals." Dammit Goldie recorded "Moods" with Julius Butty, a former recording engineer for bands like Alexisonfire, Protest the Hero and City & Colour. "Wade Macneil of Alexisonfire and Dooms Children was the co-producer," said Smith. "Both really down to earth great guys, with a lot of cool and funny stories! Ted Jensen mastered our song "Something's Missing," and did a phenomenal job. He has worked with some of the biggest bands, Green Day, and The Eagles and many many more. Was an honor to have him agree to work with us. Tyler Smyth mastered three of the four tracks we did. And I suggested him because he's done some of my favorite bands' work, including Falling in Reverse. He did such a good job, as did Ted. We are just testing the waters a bit to see who we want to work with in the future." Smith, along with videographer Tristan Nugent, led the video-creation process. "Josh will come up with a wild idea and Tristan makes it an achievable reality," said Metcalfe. "So I just basically had a loose idea for the aesthetic of it. And it turned out pretty accurate to what I imagined." "We also had our friend Lisa Moskovian and Josh’s adorable niece Elsy Connell play the characters in the video," said Watson.

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Although not exactly what the band originally pictured, the boys are extremely proud of the final product. "I think it's hard to have your vision come out exactly how you saw it in your head," said Cannavicci. "Unfortunately there's a lot of obstacles when making a video, generally it comes down to time and money. We made a lot of changes from the original concept, but I think what DG and Tristan made together despite the changes is great. A real solid video. Proud of it." Dammit Goldie want to let their audience know that this style won't be the only sound coming from the band. "I want people to vibe with it," said Metcalfe. "Feel it and enjoy it, but also know that we aren’t just one sound. Our last single, "Somethings Missing" had a heavy pop-punk vibe to it. This one is more grungy. Just wait until the next!" You can help support Dammit Goldie by following their socials linked below, streaming their music, and by supporting them on Bandcamp. "Come out to our shows!" said Watson. "Come meet us, hear us play, and check out our merch!"

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