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Toronto: Emily Rose

This pop/neo-soul singer is focused on building community.

Photo credits: Marta Golova

Born and raised in downtown Toronto, Emily Rose grew up dancing to Bjork.

"My family house was always super musical, and I got introduced to more unique music at an early age," said Rose. "In regards to my art, I actually starting with songwriting when I was around nine or ten. I would write these really intense songs about love or really specific songs about random things, like photocopiers. I was always super attracted to specific words, and I believe that's why my writing is what it is today. I also worked on movie and TV show sets as a kid and through having to be so professional at such a young age, it really made me become super aware and observant, which I believe goes hand in hand with creativity."

Photo credits: Raphael Mendes

Musical theatre nurtured the pop-artist's creative mind.

"I went to an arts high school, and there met some of my best friends to this day," said Rose. "Being surrounded by such big thinkers and creative minds really let myself discover new music and opened myself up creatively. I was constantly writing and perfecting my craft through school and that's when I started collaborating with other people. From there on, it's been the same, just with different faces!"

Although starting out as an acoustic singer-songwriter, Rose was inspired by famous pop/R&B artists like Kanye, Dua Lipa, and Yebba.

"I used to play guitar with my friend Carmen in a duo called Great Wave," said Rose. "I really liked the minimalism of the genre instrumentation wise, but I always had such an interest in certain pop production styles. I listened to a lot of Kanye West throughout high school, and really gravitated to his production style with vocal samples and really clean sounds. My all time favourites are Thirdstory, Yebba, Ryan Beatty, and Frank Ocean. I'm also super into Dua Lipa's new album."

Music became more than just a hobby when Rose started playing live shows around Toronto two years ago.

"I always took music very seriously, as I feel songwriting is my passion in life," said Rose. "Some really crucial steps I took was meeting musicians in my community, playing shows and networking, and figuring out my brand early on by just staying true to yourself and what you like. Absolutely, that's the goal for sure."

"Sunday"- a summer-y, soft pop song was Emily Rose's first single.

"My first release was a song called "Sunday" that I made with one of my best friends Nick, or Nick From The Net, in his bedroom at 2am," said Rose. "We were pretty tired but decided to push through. We were making a lot of songs during that time but "Sunday" definitely felt like a bigger song. I sat with the song for probably about a year, and then finally got the push from another one of my besties Karah to release it. I sent it to a couple of my other friends to help finesse the production and recorded the vocals at home. I released it and it actually got onto a playlist, it did pretty well for my first single which was exciting. That also gave me the green light to just go off from there. Everything I do is based around collaboration and community which I believe is the best way to do things- especially when you're starting out."

Photo credits: Hannah Maynes

One of Rose's most memorable performances was when she opened for Phum Viphurit in the summer of 2019.

"My favourite gig has to be when I opened for Phum Viphurit on his tour," said Rose. "We performed at Longboat Hall last summer. It was a bigger venue than what I usually played, so that was really fun. As well as a bigger crowd which made the energy super exciting, and I met some really great people through that show." 

Keep an eye on Rose's socials, as she says more content will be released in the coming months.

"Without saying too much, I definitely will be releasing a body of work sometime in the near future," said Rose. "I have lots and lots of mood boards for upcoming shoots and music videos. I want to keep making really good, strong music and hopefully share it with as many people as I can."

You can find the pop singer on all her socials linked below.

"Stream "Holy Father" on Spotify!" said Rose.

Upcoming gigs:

(Postponed due to COVID-19.)


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