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Single Release: "Who's Gonna Love You" by Alyssa DVM

The Hamilton-based pop-rock artist released her second track under new moniker Alyssa DVM.

Art Credits: Jackson Piccinetti

Hamilton singer-songwriter Alyssa Mikuljan previously released music under her retired title ADVM, but the pop-rock musician chose to reinvent herself in 2020- unveiling Alyssa DVM. The second single released under her new moniker, "Who's Gonna Love You", was written back in January of 2019.

Photo credits: Joshua Pascua

"It's been sitting on the backburner for a long time," said DVM. "I never knew what I wanted the sound of this song to be until I released "But He Lied" last year. That's where my sound kind of revealed itself to me, and I heard this song in my head a whole different way."

DVM's new single explores a toxic relationship, and dealing with the complex ramifications of leaving it.

"Most songs that talk about this topic feel pretty one-sided, but WGLY talks about it from two conflicting points of view," said DVM. "The best way I can describe it is that there are points of, "Please stay with me, you're really all I have," and, "How could you hurt me? Now I have to figure this out on my own," which is where the personal meaning of this song comes through- I was really conflicted at the time about a ton of things, and writing music is my best outlet."

Producing the single was a group effort.

Photo credits: Leigh-Ann Liebster

"My good friends, Jacob Hummel and Bradley Schnarr, were the instrumentalists behind the track," said DVM. "They recorded everything remotely, and then once it was put together, I recorded the vocals. Marshall Weiss mixed and mastered the whole thing. I found that recording and mixing this tune, keeping it all online and not being able to be in the same room and work on it in person, was the hardest part. I'm a really hands-on person, and looking at my bandmates through a webcam was really disheartening- although there's not much anyone can do about that right now."

Since DVM writes from the heart, she hopes her listeners find solace in her emotionally expressive lyrics.

"With all my tunes, I hope I can help people relate to feelings they don't really know how to let out," said DVM. "Music is my outlet for bottled up feelings that I don't really know how to deal with, so I hope my music can bring some peace and put some words to those confusing feelings, if that makes sense."

You can help support Alyssa DVM by following her socials linked below.

"I plan on releasing a lot more music in 2021," said DVM. "So follow me on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, or Spotify to keep up to date!"

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