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Single Release: "Toxic" by Spookyguava

This Hamiltonian hip hop artist's latest single "Toxic" describes an unhealthy friendship.

Art credits: Spookyguava

Born and raised in The Steel City, hip hop and electronic musician Spookyguava takes influence from rap giants, pop-punkers, and indie-rockers to craft his signature style. His latest single, "Toxic", describes feeling stuck in a one-sided relationship.

"Personally I have no idea how to describe my sound," said Spookyguava. "I know a bunch of people probably say that, but truly for me every release is almost like a different part of me created it. I usually try to stick with elements of modern hip hop with the structure and sound of indie/alternative, but some projects I'll even branch out to pop-punk, nu-metal, etc."

Photo credits: Alex Macario

The Hamiltonian's biggest musical inspiration is the indie/hip hop duo Twenty One Pilots, but compares his sound as a mix between TOP, Travis Scott, and Kanye West.

"They really helped me understand music on a new level," said Spookyguava. "Seeing their journey and the messages they relay in their songs is such a vital part of how I keep going, I just think back and remember that they were once in my position too."

Spooky agrees- there's something special about the Hamilton music scene, and it involves the supportive nature of the community.

"Whether an artist or band has been in the game for years or is a newcomer like me, what’s so special is that we can all feel connected on the same level because of our hometown, everyone supports each other in many ways and everyone is so diverse in terms of what they create," said Spookyguava. "Things like local music festivals, blogs, the Hamont Music Team and the “Hamontify” App proves how strong the community is!"

"Toxic" took the artist only between two and three days to write.

"I had the chorus for a bit and then the verses came together in minutes," said Spookyguava. "I was so in the moment of exactly what I wanted to convey in that song, that it just flowed from my head to the page in front of me."

Spooky's lyrics on "Toxic" come from personal experience dealing with toxic relationships, specifically when it came to one of his friendships.

"It was about the realization of losing people you kept close and treated like family suddenly cutting you off, getting left behind essentially. In that moment of realization…In any moment where it seems like a hopeless time you have two choices, those moments can make you or break you, in my case I used music and the creation of music to build back that piece of me."

Photo credits: Alex Macario

Spookyguava is a one-man machine, producing, recording, mixing, mastering and writing his music himself.

"It was a tough learning process especially in terms of mixing, but pulling tips and formulas from different producers and engineers helped me find what suited each track best," said Spookyguava. "Sometimes I'll send over a demo or a “rough mix” to a friend to see what they think should be improved, but generally speaking I do it all on my own."

After listening to "Toxic", Spooky hopes his listeners use the messaging as inspiration.

"I hope people are able to listen to this song and use it as a way to relate to whatever they’re going through, that’s the goal with anything I release," said Spookyguava. "Specifically I hope they take away that they can be in the moment, and use whatever you have going on as a way to create."

You can help support the artist by following him on social media, streaming his music, and by purchasing a single from his Bandcamp- linked below.

"Any kind of support is appreciated, sharing my music around to friends or on your social media is a great way to help spread the music to new people, if there’s ever a show: definitely come through," said Spookyguava.

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