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Single Release: "The Way Out" by Isabella Chiarini

Hamiltonian pop songstress Isabella Chiarini tells her fans to get out of toxic relationships on her latest single.

This hard-working pop singer-songwriter just released her first single of 2022, "The Way Out", about the experience of breaking free from a toxic relationship, pointing to the door as they tell their partner, "Don't let it hit you on the way out."

Photo credits: Rob Chiarini

Influenced by the likes of Dua Lipa, The Weeknd, and Adele, the teenage musician likes to change up her sound and style- on "The Way Out", Chiarini channels Dua Lipa's dance-able pop sensibilities.

"I would describe my sound and style as eclectic," said Chiarini. "I like to try and experiment with my music as much as possible, and give people something unique to listen to every time I drop something new."

Chiarini works fast, completing the written portion of her single in late February in a matter of hours, and preparing for the track to hit the airwaves in late May.

"I started working on this song a few months ago with my vocal coach Teresa Nocita," said Chiarini. "It was a really organic process. We sat down to write this song in late February, early March, and had it recorded by the beginning of April. The time in-between writing and recording was only about a month. We have known each other for so long, when we write together it feels easy and comfortable, so our songs come together quick. We also just felt really good about it that we decided not to waste time and record ASAP."

The pop singer takes a confident, self-assured stance on "The Way Out", narrating the thoughts of a partner who's sick of the relationship that's bringing her down.

"This is about a break up," said Chiarini. "It is about how this person was in a toxic relationship, and are basically telling their ex-partner to leave them alone because its time to focus on them."

Photo credits: Rob Chiarini

The track was recorded and produced by Tal Vaisman.

"I really loved working with him, the vibe was so chill," said Chiarini. "The original first time I booked with him was only supposed to be a demo. I sang the song one time and we were like, might as well just finish it today! I liked that after hearing the song only a few times he had so many ideas and was so committed."

Isabella hopes her listeners recognize their worth when hearing "The Way Out".

"The one thing I hope they take away is that if you are in a bad situation with someone, it is okay to express your emotions or leave," said Chiarini. "Loving yourself should come first, and nobody should take away your happiness and you shouldn’t sacrifice it for someone else."

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