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Single Release: "The Voyage" by RL feat. Sadé Awele

This Canadian collaboration explores growing up, embracing responsibility, and fatherhood.

Hailing from Toronto, R&B/hip hop musician RL, or Rich Lindo, had taken a step back from creating new music to focus on the birth of his first child. On his latest single, the artist reflects on his newfound responsibilities, with the help of British Columbian afro-soul singer Sadé Awele.

""The Voyage" is a journey through a spectrum of emotive experiences from a conscious and socially aware Black father, awaiting the arrival of his first born child," said RL. "With help from Sadé Awele, I took an introspective look into my own experience, while also addressing aspects of the current global climate with respect to its impact on raising my son, and the trials that lay ahead for my unborn child."

Lush, at times somber, but overall celebratory- "The Voyage" pays a tender tribute to the once-in-a-lifetime love that is parenthood.

"In a world of shortening attention spans and mass-produced media, I wanted to continue to focus on carefully crafting inspiring compositions," said RL. "A flawless vocal performance from Sadé, combined with precision mixing and mastering, led to this vibrant creation that, I would say, rivals high end releases from major labels!"

You can help support Rich Lindo and Sadé Awele by streaming the single, and by following their socials linked below.

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