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Single Release: "Take My Hand" by James Favron

The Hamiltonian pop-rap artist writes about his current relationship on, "Take My Hand."

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Self-described as the lovechild of Chance the Rapper and Ed Sheeran, the Hamiltonian pop/hip hop artist James Favron is a Hamiltonian talent standing out amongst the crowd. Collaborating with like-minded artists like LTthemonk and Brody of Becausedesignmatters, Favron is committed to growing his brand in The Steel City.

"Every project is a little different but I feel like sonically, my goal is to always to make people move and connect with the vibration of the song," said Favron. "I also got to say that Bieber and

Childish Gambino have all had significant influence on my music taste."

Photo credits: @rosederamo

Written in August of this year, "Take My Hand" was a single that came together relatively quickly for the songwriter.

"It’s a funny story!" said Favron. "My producer Josh had actually made the beat and had another artist write and demo a completely different song on it. I’m friends with the other artist, and the song they had written was way different than his usual rap stuff, so one day at the studio Josh showed me the song because he knew I would be surprised by it," said Favron.

As soon as he heard the beat, Favron was hooked, and thankfully Kalo (@itsjoshkalo) said the original artist was most likely dropping the song.

"We texted the other artist immediately and asked if he wanted to keep the song or if I could have the instrumental," said Favron. "He was happy to pass it along to me, and that was that!"

"Take My Hand" is about Favron's girlfriend, and how they met.

"We had known each other through social media for a while but had never met in

person," said Favron. "One day I asked if she wanted to get some wings at my favourite spot, ODDS bar, here in Hamilton. We both went into it very casually, it wasn’t meant to be a date. But we had a great time, and a great conversation, and the rest as they say, is history."

Josh Kalogerakos has been Favron's go-to producer through 2022, and has produced Favron's upcoming tracks set to release throughout 2023.

"We do all of the recording at his studio, Suitcase Studios, in St. Catharines," said Favron. "Working with Josh is special for me because we were friends for years before we started making music together. He brings a special sauce to the songs, and is responsible for the guitar solos, and he knows my ‘sound,’ so he’s great at cooking beats and instrumentals up on his own time and knowing what kind of sounds I’m looking for!"


The artist hopes his listeners are inspired to get up and dance when hearing, "Take My Hand."

"This is definitely the most ‘fancy’ song I’ve put out to date and I hope that listeners grab someone’s hand and get their dance on!" said Favron.

You can help support James Favron by streaming his music, following his socials linked below, and by going to his shows.

"Honestly, the biggest thing fans can do it to show up!" said Favron. "When people buy merch, or buy tickets to a show, or even better yet, make their friends buy tickets to a show and come to that show and bring the noise- that shit does so much more for our chances of career growth and success than you can imagine. Not to mention we love seeing your faces and singing our songs with you! It motives us to keep writing new songs for us to sing together at shows."

Upcoming gigs:

Breaking Sound Canada, The Baby G, Toronto, ON. Thursday, Jan. 12, 2023. 8pm.


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