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Single Release: "RUNAWAY" by Cinzia & The Eclipse

The Montreal-born singer's latest single "RUNAWAY" encourages listeners to ditch their fear of judgement.

Photo credits: MrsMakaveliart

Cinzia of Cinzia & The Eclipse describes her sound as, 'if Florence and The Machine, Janis Joplin and Julia Michaels had a musical baby.' Her style- a blend of rock and pop, broadened her audience as she spread out from her native province of Montreal, to Ontario's capital.

Photo credits: MrsMakaveliart

"I grew up in Montreal-North" said Cinzia. "I started performing mostly in and around the city of Montreal, but quickly found some great friends and acceptance in Toronto as well. So I travel a lot between both of these cities these days. I still consider myself a Montreal-based artist, because I honestly don't think I'd be able to be as creative as I am without the vibrant energy of my city, and the rich passion for uniqueness and creativity it strives for every day. It's so cliché- but the streets of Montreal really do inspire me every day, and I wouldn't be the person I am, let alone the artist I am, without them. I'm a very proud Montrealer!"

The singer-songwriter created her title to showcase the other artists in her band.

"The reason I added 'the Eclipse' to my artist name is because I wanted to really shine a light on the band members I work with," said Cinzia. "They alter depending on the set up of our live shows and such, but these days my good friend Tim is my go-to multi-instrumentalist for shows. What's great about working with your friends is that they know you, they know your sound, and they know your personality- and Tim has a great way of playing on that. It allows me to get a little creative when something is live because he can follow where I'm going with a melody even if it's impromptu."

When Cinzia began creating "RUNAWAY", she had trouble getting into the right frame of mind.

Photo credits: MrsMakaveliart

"I was really feeling stuck and questioning a lot of my intuition during that time, and I just wanted to get that feeling out," said Cinzia. "So I started strumming my guitar like I was the new member of Blink and started yelling the first lyric, "Cold nights, I don't usually do this kind of thing," which was true. I usually write songs that are a little more based on heartbreak and hurt, but this time I just really wanted to create something more exciting and self-reflective. The lyrics are really important to me in this one, because it's all about creating your own path and not giving a damn about what anyone has to say about it. It also recognizes the fact that you need to make mistakes and follow your gut, no matter where it leads you. I really think it's better to live a life of adventure and satisfaction than end up with a bunch of 'what ifs'."

The artist recorded her single at Planet Studios in Montreal.

"I recorded at Planet Studios in Montreal with Lucas The Producer," said Cinzia. "The process was amazing! Lucas and I have been great friends and have been working together for over 2 years now, so when I walk in with an idea Lucas understands me right away. Sometimes he gets the idea that I have even before I finish explaining to be honest! I was definitely nervous to approach him with this one because it's different from the songs I've brought to the studio in the past. I explained to Lucas the direction that I wanted for this and made it clear I wanted big drums and a roadtrip/get out of town fast vibe, and he caught it right away. It was actually after a lot of mumbling on our first session that we came up with the chorus. I really wanted to sound like an anthem for renegades, and I like to think we achieved that with this chorus."

Cinzia hopes "RUNAWAY" inspires her listeners to believe in themselves. "I want people to feel bold when they listen to "RUNAWAY"," said Cinzia. "I want them to stop questioning themselves and take on the world head on. Essentially I want this song to be an anthem to rid people of insecurities, and live the life they want to lead without fear of judgment."

Keep an eye out for Cinzia & The Eclipse's upcoming debut album, to be released sometime in October 2020.

"I'm so excited for my debut album!" said Cinzia. "I've always considered myself a storyteller before a musician or artist, so naturally the whole album follows a story line of personal growth and understanding- with "RUNAWAY" being where this story ends, for now. Everything I write is always very personal. The EP has our character experiencing the fear of falling in love and it not being reciprocated, to letting fear get the best of her, and then to owning her mistakes and coming to this state of acceptance about the events she's been through. This whole album expresses the fact that it's better to have experienced life to the fullest, and to learn from our mistakes and accept ourselves as we are no matter what the outside world may have to say about it."

Upcoming gigs:

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