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Single Release: "Reaction" by Silvertone Hills

Silvertone Hills' latest single is defiant, and no one can tell them different.

Photo credits: Daniella Suarez

Hamilton Indie-rock group Silvertone Hills; made up of Liam O'Sullivan on vocals,

Andrew Billone on guitar and vocals, Nick Slagter on lead guitar, Mike Park on bass, and Bryan Mostert on drums- released their latest single "Reaction" on April 7th, 2020.

"Reaction was written around the main riff. Our guitarist Nick came up with it and I knew we had something good to build on, so I wrote the tune around it," said Billone.

The band wanted to elevate the sound of your average indie-pop song.

"The inspiration for the music was to take what's generally regarded as indie-pop and turn it up a few notches," said Billone. "We wanted to keep the exciting elements of tight, punchy drums and synth parts, but make it hit really hard with the gritty vocals and guitar lines. I think it makes for an interesting mood."

The lyrics in "Reaction" are about instant gratification and guilty pleasures.

Photo credits: Daniella Suarez

""No one can tell us different, no one can make it stop," The central theme plays on the 'us against the world' mentality that you feel when your choices go against what is considered morally righteous," said Billone. "Everyone warns that 'the good ones never can last,' but it doesn't matter. When you're doing something you love, you feel on top of the world."

Silvertone left their hometown to record in Toronto.

"We recorded it at RHC Music Toronto with producer Ross Citrullo, who was fantastic," said Billone. "He helped arrange the tune to make the most energetic sense. He pushed us way beyond our limits to get the best possible performance, there’s some pretty high vocals, but it works! Ross is a total gear nerd, so the guitar days were tons of experimenting with vintage amps and tones, and in the end they fit the song perfectly."

Keep an eye out for new content coming from these guys at their socials linked below.

"Stay true to yourself," said Billone. "No one can take away the feeling of doing something you love.

Upcoming gigs:

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