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Single Release: "Ocean" by Ariana Fig

The Hamilton-born musician graduated from violinist to bedroom-pop singer-songwriter.

Art credits: Ariana Fig

Hamilton-born musician Ariana Fig grew up in the local scene as a violinist, performing in string ensembles, musical theatre productions, and the Hamilton Philharmonic Youth Orchestra. When it comes to her current musical projects, the singer-songwriter takes inspiration from 70s classic rock bands such as Fleetwood Mac, The Rolling Stones, and The Beatles- and on her latest track, "Ocean", released on February 19 2021, Fig takes on a more fun, dance-y bedroom-pop style.

Photo credits: Ariana Fig

"I wrote "Ocean" back in December once the second lockdown hit," said Fig. "I finished up a semester at school- I attend Western and I'm obtaining a double major in Pop Music and English. This gave me the ability to sit down and really just have fun messing around with a new sound. I wrote it in two days, and sent it over to my friend Ben Heffernan who helped with some production elements and the overall layout of the song. I may be biased, but I think it turned out amazing."

The artist wanted to create a more relatable tune, compared to her previous songs exploring specific experiences. "The lyrics in "Ocean" aren't so complex where no one that didn't know me wouldn't be able to comprehend its meaning," said Fig. "I have other songs like that where the lyrics are really tailored to my own personal experiences, but in this case, "Ocean" was just something I wanted to write because it made me feel good and want to dance around. The lyric "living like there's nothing wrong" that ends the song really stays true to my heart, because throughout this pandemic I've had a massive awakening, and realized that I am lucky to just live in my daydreams sometimes."

Photo credits: Ariana Fig

Fig recorded the single entirely from home. "I recorded it at home in my little makeshift studio and produced it myself," said Fig. "It was a tense experience, as trying to make music while your family goes about their day can be a challenge at times. On the flip-side it granted me the opportunity to really focus and sit down. I just had fun and would sit at my desktop for hours on end."

Creating art brought the musician comfort during COVID-19, so she hopes it can do the same for her listeners.

"I just want to make people smile and dance," said Fig. "I hope it can be used as a distraction from the real world we're all experiencing together. "Ocean" is such a different song than anything else I've ever made, and I hope those who listen can appreciate how this pandemic has challenged all of our mindsets and creative abilities."

Upcoming gigs:

(Postponed due to COVID-19.)


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