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Single Release: "No Holly Jolly" by Michelle Treacy

The Toronto pop singer has dropped her first ever Christmas song.

Toronto singer-songwriter and 2019's The Launch winner Michelle Treacy has released her first ever holiday-themed single, "No Holly Jolly". The song was written by Treacy and Liam Sanagan, and produced, mixed and mastered by Chris Macfarlane.

"This song is inspired by sitting in a cabin by the fire, while my grandfather plays the guitar," said Treacy. "The vocals are all one-take and un-tuned, and all were recorded in my closet."

Treacy's folksy single was written from a combination of nostalgic holiday memories and current anxieties.

"I wrote this indie/acoustic song based on the artwork, a day I remember as if it were yesterday, in combination with the times we are living in," said Treacy. "My grandma was dancing around the kitchen while cooking dinner, and was so happy to be spending Christmas with us. Ma passed away in 2008 on Boxing Day, and Christmas just hasn’t felt the same since. As I grow older, the magic fades."

The artist wants listeners to know that although the holidays don't feel the same this year, you're not alone if you're feeling in the dumps.

"It won’t feel like Christmas this year, but hopefully next year families and loved ones around the world can be together again," said Treacy. "If you’re missing someone or feeling blue, just know you are not alone- this song is for you."

Upcoming gigs:

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