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Single Release: "Moments" by Cate

Ever felt devastated over a situationship? "Moments" may just be the heartbreak anthem for you.

Originating from Vancouver, Toronto-based bedroom-pop singer/songwriter Cate Canning gets vulnerable on her latest single, "Moments", a soft acoustic-guitar heavy single about missing your situationship.

Photo credits: Emily Barker @emilybarkercreative

"I grew up on country music, so my songwriting is heavily inspired by all my favourite country stars like Dolly Parton and Kacey Musgraves," said Canning. "I also love pop music- so I'd say my style is country songwriting, with pop production!" Canning looks up to the female singer-songwriters of her generation, but still takes influence from many vintage styles. "My main inspirations are Kacey Musgraves, Dolly Parton, Taylor Swift, and Joni Mitchell," said Canning. "Mainly singer/songwriter queens!" The musician wrote her latest single virtually. "I wrote "Moments" on a Zoom call with my friend Joseph Tilley," said Canning. "I took around an hour to write the first verse and the chorus, then after I wrote the second verse and bridge the next day!"

The songstress wanted to write a song for a past relationship that she could never put a name to.

Photo credits: Emily Barker @emilybarkercreative

"I spent so much time invested in this person, so when it ended I felt guilty for even being sad about it because we never put any labels on it," said Canning. "It's basically a breakup song for the situationships, and also a song to acknowledge how I really felt about that person." Cate hopes her listeners embrace their heartbreak and learn to stop feeling shameful for being devastated after a breakup, no matter its officiality. "Just because you're not dating someone, or even if you were seeing them for a short period of time- when you care about someone and it suddenly ends, it's normal to feel super sad," said Canning. "The small moments you spend with people you care about can be just as beautiful and tragic as the big ones." Fans of Cate can follow her socials linked below, stream her music, and watch out for future projects- dropping soon!

"I have an EP coming out next year," said Canning. "Listening to that would make me so so happy!"

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