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Single Release: "maladaptive daydreams" by shn shn

Ambient electro-pop singer-songwriter shn shn drops ethereal single "maladaptive daydreams".

Art credits: @smmytry

Toronto-based singer-songwriter Shanika Maria recently released her atmospheric single "maladaptive daydreams" under her alternative moniker shn shn. The artist describes her sound as ambient electronic pop, and on "maladaptive daydreams" she displays her signature ethereal vocals and spiritual aesthetics.

Photo credits: Mashal Khan

"I like to incorporate long droning synths and vocal harmonies, lots of layered beats, and some samples scattered into the songs," said Maria. "Some of my inspirations are Julianna Barwick, Ólafur Arnalds, and Four Tet."

shn shn tends to create on a whim- the artist lets her music speak first, and uncovers the meaning later on.

"When I create, the meaning of the song is a surprise to me that unfolds throughout the creation process," said Maria. "As I was creating this song, I realized it was about holding on to the expectations and ideas about things even when they're no longer working in the present. It's about asking for things to stay as they were, with rose coloured glasses, because of the fear of an unknown future."

When it came to creating "maladaptive daydreams", the production came first.

"The first thing that was in my mind was to create these soundscapes and that driving bell sound," said Maria. "Then as I sat with those sounds, the lyrics and melody came to me, and I began singing over the production. I really like my music creation to be an unfolding, experimental process, where I'm just as much of a spectator as a creator."

Although shn shn often experiences imposter syndrome during her songwriting process, the artist tries her best to get out of her own head.

Photo credits: Mashal Khan

"There's always ups and downs in the recording and production of a song," said Maria. "I can sometimes have imposter syndrome and get in my own head about what I'm creating. With this project, I challenge myself by trying things I haven't before and also being okay with the limitations I do have in my practice. I worked with Nimal Agalawatte, who mixed the song, and Sage Kim, who mastered it."

The musician hopes her music encourages her supporters to take a deep breath, and allow some space for spiritual rest.

"I want maladaptive daydreams to inspire movement," said Maria. "And to provide a chill and meditative space for listeners."

You can help support shn shn by streaming her music, following her socials, and by donating to her Bandcamp linked below.

Upcoming gigs:

Sat. July 17, 2021 @ The Casbah, Hamilton, ON.



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