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Single Release: "Leavin'" by Orion's Dream

The Hamilton electronic quartet dropped a single about moving on from bad relationships.

Photo credits: Alex Pedherney

Hamilton four-piece Orion's Dream dropped a single in early March 2021 about learning to give up on the relationships that bring you down. "Leavin'" was written at the beginning of the pandemic, but only recently released by bandmates Ailric Bean on keys, Daniel Shtulberg on vocals, Julian De Sousa on guitar and vocals, and Savannah De Sousa debuting as a lead vocalist.

The band borrows from multiple influences, including R&B, pop, and modern EDM.

Photo credits: Alex Pedherney

"We're this weird synth-y, kind of groovy, pop thing?" said J. De Sousa. "We sort of just go with flow, and try to write things that we like and get hyped about. Our main influences are insanely all over the place, we listen to everything from R&B to 90s rap, to progressive metal to modern EDM- the list goes on."

The track took ten months to release.

"I demoed this song back in April 2020, Daniel and I spent the first lockdown writing what would come to be the four tracks we've released thus far," said J. De Sousa. "We had no real way of recording or producing these tracks in any sort of professional manner- but I came across a vacancy in a house with a small recording studio in the basement, and it was all the space we needed. Recording, re-recording, and the production on "Leavin'" alone took four months."

Photo credits: Alex Pedherney

Orion's Dream wanted to create a self-empowering track about leaving behind what no longer serves you.

"It's a song about thinking something was good, being betrayed, and how to handle the powerlessness that comes with that," said J. De Sousa. "The song serves as a reminder that even in dark times we have power, and no one can take it away. The outro is about leaving those horrible experiences where they belong, behind you. It's a song about moving on, about leaving home."

The band recorded "Leavin'" entirely themselves. "The recording was done using a RODE-NT1 and a Shure SM7B for Savannah's vocals," said J. De Sousa. "They were plugged into a 2011 Macbook in our small treated recording space. Dan and I would often spend the entire day trying to get the right takes. It took two recording sessions between the two of us, and three additional for Savannah, due to it being the band's first time recording with her."

The production process proved difficult.

"The recording and production process was plagued with all sorts of problems; meeting recording safely protocols during a pandemic, mental and physical health issues leading to motivational struggles, thoughts of some members leaving the project, the addition of Savannah, and the pressure to improve the quality of our music," said J. De Sousa. "It was tough at times. Ailric had gone through a breakup right as production began, and had to listen to some pretty heavy lyrics relating to that kind of topic. The overall message of moving on and accepting tragedy provided in the ending of the song helped him understand his own situation, and breathed even more life into the project."

The band wants "Leavin'" to be the inspiration for their listeners to dump the relationships that are keeping them down.

Photo credits: Alex Pedherney

"We hope that our listeners learn how to be strong in times where it feels the most difficult," said J. De Sousa. "When they feel the most defeated, "Leavin'" can be a reminder that they are better than they're being treated. Life doesn't have to revolve around things that make them feel negative. If that person isn't treating you properly, if that thing isn't working out the way you want it to, you're allowed to move on to something better." You can support the band by streaming their music, following their socials, and keeping an eye out for their upcoming Bandcamp debut.

"Listen to us as much as possible on Spotify & Apple Music, follow our Instagram account, share our music, and spread the word!" said J. De Sousa. "We'll be launching a Bandcamp soon so be sure to keep an eye on our social media for updates."

Upcoming gigs:

(Postponed due to COVID-19.)


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