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Single Release: "Just Another Girl" by Julianna Jones

Powerhouse vocalist Julianna Jones comes out swinging with one of her strongest singles yet.

Photo credits: @dortasphotography

Newly Toronto-based pop/R&B singer-songwriter Julianna Jones just released her first single of 2022. Taking songwriting inspiration from softer pop and R&B stars like Ariana Grande, Summer Walker and Larkin Poe, while her powerhouse vocal style brings to mind the likes of Adele or Lizzo, Jones's signature style sets her apart from other local artists of her age.

Jones wrote the majority of her song in one sitting, finding herself predicting the downfall of the relationship she was in at the time.

Photo credits: @dortasphotography

"It's based on a true story, I somehow ended up foreshadowing most of the events that would happen just a week later," said Jones. "And that’s when I was able to finish the bridge of the song. It was just so funny how life played out for me in that time period, as I wrote the whole song in 2020- it had been in the production process ever since. I didn’t think much of it for a very long time, it just ended up on the back burner for months after that. After digging through my catalog, I ended up asking a couple friends to help me finish the production side of it and thus, “Just Another Girl” was born."

The pop songstress typically writes about what she knows, so the heartbreak displayed on "Just Another Girl" is naturally very close to home.

"The lyrics were pretty intense at the time for me when I was writing them," said Jones. "I had a gut feeling from the very beginning that something was wrong, but I just ignored the red flags. I felt like a bad bitch and super spontaneous, so I didn’t want to give that up. It lead to a lot more heartbreak than I anticipated."

Some artists prefer to stick with a certain amount of anonymity and privacy when it comes to the content of their art, but Jones finds strength in her honesty.

Photo credits: @dortasphotography

"I’m glad I can showcase my versatility as an artist, and show people that I'm human and I go through the same things everyone does, and put them into a song," said Jones. "It’s awesome to know that people will resonate with it, but it’s also so sad at the same time to hear that people have been through it too."

Julianna worked with a team of artists to produce the final results of "Just Another Girl".

"I worked with such an amazing team on this one," said Jones. "I had first brought the production to Dermott Sheppard, and then we were handed a beautiful orchestral score from my friend Brandon Nighswander. My current producer Garrett Lajoie, who I’ve worked with on just about everything I’ve released thus far, took a hand in organizing all the missing puzzle pieces and put it together! I worked with Julius Butty and Jon Tornblom on mixing and mastering the entire project, and it wouldn’t have been where it is now without these lovely humans working with me and bringing my vision to life."

Photo credits: @dortasphotography

When tuning into "Just Another Girl", Julianna hopes her listeners are able to use her art to heal from their own heartbreaks.

"I want the listeners of the song to just feel the emotion behind it while they listen, I want them to feel the pain and grief and all the things one feels in a heartbreak," said Jones. "If someone resonates with it on a deep level, then that’s one person who can feel what they need to feel and let out their emotions so they can move on from it. It’s heavy and takes time, but time truly does heal a broken soul- even though that’s always the one thing I hated hearing during times like these."

The artist's listeners can help support her by following her socials, streaming her music, or donating to her via PayPal.

"They can stream and download my songs, give back to me on PayPal, buying my merch, going to see shows, etc.," said Jones. "There are many ways to help indie artists out, and we’ve come such a long way."

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