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Single Release: "Issues" by Andrea Mendez

The Toronto R&B singer-songwriter writes from the heart on her latest single, "Issues".

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Toronto pop/R&B singer Andrea Mendez released her first single since her debut EP Soul Ties back in 2018. The track "Issues", dropped on November 13 2020, shows Mendez reflecting on a toxic relationship overtop a spacey, bass-heavy beat.

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Mendez began writing "Issues" at the beginning of quarantine. "It was one of those songs that just kind of spilled out of me," said Mendez. "I had been sent some tracks from a producer and found this one in my library one night when I was in my feels and just started writing, and boom- "Issues" was born."

The song describes a painful breakup that the singer-songwriter says is based on recent personal experiences. "These lyrics have a ton of meaning to me," said Mendez. ""Issues" is a breakup song, and at the beginning of quarantine I had just gone through one of the roughest breakups I've ever experienced. I felt like I wasn't moving forward at all, so I wrote "Issues" in the hopes of it helping my healing process. "Issues" is about realizing that something is super toxic, it's about seeing your worth and realizing that you don't need someone who treats you poorly, something I've learned more recently. I had also originally written a different second verse, but then I was involved with someone in the summer, which was possibly even more toxic than my actual relationship was, and I ended up writing a new second verse mostly about that. Writing this song was definitely a form of therapy for me." Mendez recorded the track at a home studio in downtown Toronto.

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"I was actually so nervous, but the process was super smooth," said Mendez. "I also just hadn't recorded music in so long and it was with a brand new recording engineer, so I felt kind of out of practice and just apprehensive to be making new music. But it honestly ended up being such a great fit and experience. Ty, my engineer, was so amazing and absolutely loved the song. Him and Drew, my manager, just hyped me up the whole time and it was so fun and easy. I wouldn't really say there were any downs to it at all, I got very lucky!"

Thankfully, the artist managed to work her recording time around COVID-19 restrictions. "As far as COVID goes, the timing was perfect," said Mendez. "We were ready to record in the summer, which is when restrictions were eased up a bit. Since it was a home studio we didn't have to worry about any other people coming in and out, so the whole process was super safe. I actually think COVID is a great time to create new music. We can't really do much performing or gigging so it's a great way to stay creative."

Mendez wants her audience to know their worth- and when they start to question it, they can turn on "Issues".

"Don't settle!" said Mendez. "Haha, I think that's definitely the biggest takeaway. Also just knowing your worth and knowing when something, or someone, isn't for you."

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