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Single Release: "Guilty Pleasure" by Ariana Fig

#HAMONT singer-songwriter Fig writes about being stuck in a self-loathing cycle on "Guilty Pleasure".

Photo credits: Stephanie Montani

Alt-pop singer-songwriter Ariana Fig released her second single of 2022 titled "Guilty Pleasure", an 80s-inspired break-up tune about lacking self-worth. Fig currently takes inspiration from artists like Harry Styles, Omar Apollo, Brandi Carlile and Helena Deland, but is known for her retro influences including The Rolling Stones, Fleetwood Mac and The Beatles- as the artist prefers to mix vintage twists with modern styles to craft her signature sound.

"I would describe my sound as "singer-songwriter with a twist,"" said Fig. "I obviously fall under that category as I sing the songs I write, but I think there tends to be this association with that genre to sound folk-esque. I try to obtain a diverse discography and just let my sound be what it is at that time."

Photo credits: Stephanie Montani

The vocalist began writing "Guilty Pleasure" after the release of her previous single "Maroon", back in February of 2022.

"This was one of those songs that sort of came to me in the moment," said Fig. "I got all the music, lyrics, and a basic demo done in about an hour."

At the end of the day, Ariana wants her listeners to take away their own, personal interpretation of her single, rather than relying on her original thoughts.

"To me, my lyrics reflect not sugar-coating what your guilty pleasure is," said Fig. "I definitely have had those feelings of thinking I am not good enough for someone, or wondering what about myself I could change- but at the end of the day the rollercoaster of emotions is what keeps you in the loop, hence it being a guilty pleasure."

The Hamiltonian artist started by creating a demo in Logic.

Photo credits: Stephanie Montani

"This was one of those times where I wrote the music and lyrics as I was already recording, it was more to just mess around but luckily what came out stuck," said Fig. "I really thought the chorus to this one was special, so I sent it to my friend and producer Ben Heffernan."

Ariana and Ben recorded the song in Heffernan's studio.

"Ben added his flare to my ideas," said Fig. "I loved this process beginning to end. There have been songs that are painful to get through in terms of the recording process, not because I don't like the song but because they're quite heavy in subject matter. "Guilty Pleasure" felt like a breath of fresh air that I never got sick of singing or hearing."

Although it might be cliche, Fig wants her listeners to hear "Guilty Pleasure" and be encouraged to take themselves a little less seriously.

"To try and let yourself feel, no matter what it is you're feeling," said Fig. "And accepting that, rather than running away from it."

You can help support Ariana Fig by following her socials, streaming her music, and by subscribing to her YouTube channel- where you can find behind-the-scenes footage of her creative processes.

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