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Single Release: "Gone Leave" by Lifeandthetribe

On Aisha Barrow's recent single, the Hamiltonian R&B/pop singer tells emotionally unavailable partners to say how they feel, or GTFO!

Photo credits: Aisha Jewo Jallow (@ajewo)

Lifeandthetribe is back with her second 2022 single, "Gone Leave", where she commands unavailable partners to either make up their minds, or get out. The Hamiltonian R&B/pop singer-songwriter Aisha Barrow prefers to spread her wings and experiment with her musical styles, instead of sticking to one genre or another.

"I would describe my sound as predominantly R&B and pop, however, I truly don’t like being boxed into any one genre," said Barrow. "So don't be surprised if you hear Lifeandthetribe do a jazz song, a rock song, or a folk song."

Photo credits: Aisha Jewo Jallow (@ajewo)

The vocalist's main influences include Janet Jackson, Anita Baker, Damien Rice, and Solangè- all artists with vastly different styles, but who have all impacted the songwriter equally.

"I started writing "Gone Leave" at the end of 2019, the lyrics came together in two hours, and the production of the song took about two years from start to finish," said Barrow. "We really wanted to get it right, so we took our time with it."

On Aisha's latest single, the artist recognizes the all too familiar feeling of being in a relationship with an unavailable partner, and asks that those of you giving less than your 100% to, "be a man about it", and allow your significant other to move on.

"I wrote it at a time when I was seeing a lot of the romantic relationships around me end the same way," said Barrow. "I always wondered why someone would rather hurt their partner, than simply just leave. So I wrote a song about it."

Photo credits: Aisha Jewo Jallow (@ajewo)

The musician co-produced "Gone Leave" with Hamiltonian producer and DJ Onglish, or Brett Klassen.

"The process was great," said Barrow. "We were able to share ideas, collaborate, and to create something that we were both happy with."

Ultimately, instead of taking away a specific message, Lifeandthetribe hopes that her listeners can relate to her latest single.

"It's just a fun track about something tough that most of us have been through at one point in our lives," said Barrow. "I hope folks who listen can connect with that."

You can help support Lifeandthetribe by following her socials, streaming her music, or by purchasing her music at the Bandcamp link below.

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