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Single Release: "Digital Dreams" by Melotika

This electro-pop Torontonian musician criticizes our digitalized world, and what it means for our collective mental health on her latest song.

Photo credits: Jordy Clarke

Toronto-based electro-pop musician Melotika prefers to remix old-school sounds with new-school retro-pop, as the artist refuses to set limitations for herself. Married to the dance-pop style, her music combines elements of new wave, disco, deep house, synthpop and pop rock- all with an "extemporaneous, sincere rebellious attitude".

Melotika looks up to musical influences like Maynard James Keenan, Madonna, Lady Gaga, Metric, Britney Spears, an 70s, 80s and 90s styles- borrowing from each for her latest single, "Digital Dreams".

Photo credits: Jordy Clarke

"I wrote this song at the beginning of fall 2020," said Melotika. "We were going to add this track as a b-side to my EP Dancing Without You, but later decided that this is a stand alone song. It's just so different and needs to be its own thing! With the producer of the track, Twocann, we re-visited the piece a year later and made changes."

The artist wrote "Digital Dreams" faster than usual.

"Ironically, the lyrics took me no more than a day which is unusual," said Melotika. "I was feeling really inspired! The production process and recording later took a few weeks- but I have held onto this song for a year and half before mixing and mastering for the release!"

Gen-Z and millennial listeners can relate heavily to this single, a song focusing on the feeling of inevitable technological dystopia, and feeling unable to tune-out.

"“Press the send button now, no one wants to be alone. Display goes on and on, we’ll never shut it off,'’ is a cool relevant line in the song," said Melotika. "We're so obsessed with being social through our phones and the need to be loved and connected is greater than ever. We all want validation, and we all want to be seen as the person we're trying to be- you can literally be anyone you want online!"

Pop/electro-pop producer Twocann, based in Arizona, remotely produced the track with Melotika.

Photo credits: Jordy Clarke

"Writing and working with Twocann has been such a great experience," said Melotika. "Since "Digital Dreams", together we have worked on a collection of songs to further extend the Melotika catalog, which is super exciting! I recorded the vocals in Toronto at Phase One Studios with Toronto artist Sean Savage. Canadian record producer Taabu did the mixing, and Canadian electronic music producer and engineer Dan Fur worked on the master."

Even though "Digital Dreams" seems pessimistic at first glance, Melotika doesn't want her listeners to think that a modern tech-filled life is all doom and gloom- the artist wants us to know that we have more power than we think.

"I want my listeners to know that times are changing ever so quickly, and that social media can be a dark, lonely place- only if we let it," said Melotika. "We can use this technology to our advantage, instead to create meaningful connections and send some love."

You can help support Melotika by following her socials below, streaming her music, purchasing from her Bandcamp or donating to her PayPal.

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