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Single Release: "Dead Eyes" by Lost Arts

These London, Ontario rockers dropped an upbeat, self-confident single.

Photo credits: Luke Johnson (@Dismaydesign)

London, Ontario three-piece Lost Arts dropped their most recent alt-rock single "Dead Eyes", with heavy drums and moody vocals influenced by acts like Queens of the Stone Age, Alice in Chains, Steve Vai, and the 1975. The members of Lost Arts, including Caleb Thompson on vocals, Drake Campbell on drums and backing vocals, and Nick DiSalvia on guitar all come from different musical backgrounds.

Photo credits: Julia Scioli (@scioliphotography)

"I'm more into alt-rock or stoner rock, which is where most of the overall vibe and lyrical content is stemmed from," said Thompson. "Nick comes from a heavier metal background focusing on technical guitar and Drake is more pop influenced. Together we create a full riff heavy rock sound, with emphasis on groove and powerful vocals."

The band started putting "Dead Eyes" together in the summer of 2020.

"We were finally able to reunite during the Pandemic," said Thompson. "Nick brought the guitar riff into a practice and we instantly connected with it. I couldn’t say for sure how long the process took, as we are always kind of tweaking stuff up until it’s time to record."

Kyle Ashbourne, of Sugar Shack Studio in London, Ontario, played a large part in the production of the track.

"We worked with him on our last two releases, and it feels that we really found our groove this time around," said Thompson. "Everything is on the table with Kyle, he wants to help bring out what is unique about your band as opposed to following these templates of what a rock band “should” sound like. Dan Brodbeck did the mixing and mastering on this song, and I mean, his track record speaks for itself. Being a band that graduated from the Music Industry Arts program at Fanshawe, we are grateful to have access to somebody of Dan’s ilk. I also want to shout out Craig Gignac who played bass on this song, he's been somewhat of a consultant for the band over the past year."

Photo credits: Julia Scioli (@scioliphotography)

"Dead Eyes" finds Lost Arts exploring self-confidence, and what it means to truly live for yourself.

"There's this struggle that I have always had of wanting everybody’s admiration, while simultaneously hoping nobody notices that I am even in the room," said Thompson. "As I grow up and experience more of the world I realize that most things in life, especially what others think about you, just doesn’t matter. If you wake up every morning to do something that you love, there will always be a space for you."

The band hopes their listeners take away some surface-level fun from the track, but are also able to reflect on interpersonal insecurities.

"On a base level, I hope this song makes people excited to see us live, to thrash around their room without a care in the world," said Thompson. "On a deeper level, I hope people connect with the lyrics and know that they are never alone with their emotions, that self confidence is rooted in doing the things that make you happy."

Listeners can help support Lost Arts by streaming their music, by following their socials linked below, or by donating to their Bandcamp.

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