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Single Release: "Bad for Me" by Julianna Jones

Check out the third ever single by Hamilton singer-songwriter Julianna Jones.

Art credits: Julianna Jones

R&B/pop singer-songwriter Julianna Jones dropped her third ever single, "Bad For Me" on Friday, March 19, 2021. On her second solo track, the Hamilton artist channels inspirations like Dua Lipa, The Beaches, and Ariana Grande to describe a manipulative relationship.

Photo credits: Daniel Dorta

Jones wrote "Bad For Me" in one night.

"I wrote "Bad for Me" in one sitting on a random Monday night in mid-December," said Jones. "I was really feeling emotional about a bunch of things in my life at the time, and I had just reached my breaking point. I wanted to release how I was feeling, and ended up writing this song at around 1:30a.m., with a really crappy voice memo and background beat."

The musician not only writes about the relationships she experiences, but the ones she sees around her.

Photo credits: Stephanie Montani

"The lyrics are about somebody who is in a toxic situation, being constantly manipulated into staying and finally found the courage to leave," said Jones. "Everything I write about are personal experiences that happen to my friends or myself. I also wanted to turn what could've been a sad, slow song into an upbeat pop song with electronic and dance club elements."

Jones had some help in the production of "Bad for Me".

"I wrote the majority of the song on my own, then took it to a friend of mine named Garrett LaJoie to tie up any loose ends," said Jones. "He had built the production, then it was finalized by Milan D'Agostini, also known as MUSICBYMILAN."

With the release of her latest single, Jones wants her listeners to make better decisions, and find the strength to get out of toxic situations when they see them.

"I hope people who are in a similar situation will listen to this song, recognize the signs of a bad relationship, realize their worth and know that they're not alone," said Jones.

You can support Julianna Jones by streaming her music, and following her socials below.

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