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Single Release: "Archetype X" by Jordan Paul

The Hamilton singer-songwriter delves deep into the process of creating his latest track.

Photo credits: Michael Novalski

Hamilton alternative rocker Jordan Paul released his third 2020 single, "Archetype X", back in October. Writing the track was therapeutic for the musician, as he explored themes of introspection, acceptance, and release. Paul draws comparisons to our current climate when speaking on the meaning behind his song- "I hope we are heading in a direction of healing after all this haunt."

Photo credits: Rosanne Baker Thornley

Paul wrote "Archetype X" back in either 2013 or 2014.

"It’s hard to remember when, but I recall the night well," said Paul. "I was in an apartment on Glenholme Avenue that I was subletting- just big enough for my guitar, a futon, and myself. I really loved that neighbourhood, and made great friends with Marino who ran Agio restaurant up on St. Clair and took great care of me, so that was my regular stop."

Paul wrote the track after a long day working as a church janitor.

"This particular night I went straight to Glenholme Ave," said Paul. "I’d come home from working as a church janitor, and had been offered some communion wine by my boss- it was an interesting work experience, to say the least. As soon as I walked in, I got out the guitar, and most of the song just sort of shot out of me and I went “Oh, alright, then.. Remember that.” I am a thousand different people since that point of my life, so this song brings to mind an interesting former chapter."

The musician says his song is layered with different meanings, and that whatever you may take away from "Archetype X" is probably right.

"I find it interesting to recount the different interpretations of the song people have, all are correct in their own way of course," said Paul. "I like how a piece of music, art, film, or otherwise takes on a different meaning to each person who engages with it- and that’s one of the things I really love about writing music most. I did manage to sneak a reference to an author who was a big part of my early adulthood into the lyric, as I felt one of Rothfuss’ characters was representative of the ephemeral nature of existence that this song set to remind me of. I suppose "Archetype X" acted as a mantra, a self-directed question and reminder- born of a certain time and place, and has come to mean different to me along the way."

Photo credits: Rosanne Baker Thornley

Paul recorded the single with Jonathan Anderson at Protection Island Studios in Maple Ridge, British Columbia.

"I tend to favour the pressure of a time and resource limit- not to mention the benefits of isolated destination recording," said Paul. "Two weeks in a little barebones cabin at the foot of the Rockies is never something to complain about. The two of us spent about twelve days in Jon’s studio and emerged on the other side with something that looks like an eleven song LP called Already Gone. It’s very off the cuff, it has me playing instruments that should be left to the professionals, but that’s how I like it. The songs from Night Moon, "Strange", and "Archetype X" were all recorded in those sessions- the full record will be available late 2021."

The artist hopes that through his vulnerable songwriting, he offers some support to those who need it.

"My health has been a bit spotty as of late, and I’ve had to check out from the virtual world every so often," said Paul. "In my downtime, I’ve found a lot of pleasure in working on film-scores and soundtrack music. It’s not quite as physically involved as rock music, and is a major source of happiness and enjoyment for me. I’ve been receiving and reading a lot of really touching responses to the song, and am incredibly grateful to have the snapshot of a past life find a new place in space and time. I’m most honoured that people are finding some solace in my music- it’s my aim to be vulnerable and hopefully inspire others to be free of fear and follow what makes them happy. Music to me is about love, healing, and connecting with everything and everyone around us."

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