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Single Release: "1968" by Dirty Rick

Get ready to be transported to another time with this Hamilton band's newest single, "1968".

Photo credits: Stephanie Dinsdale

Dirty Rick are a rock band born in Toronto, heavily inspired by 70s blues-rock. The band's vocalist David Koffman has to ask, have you ever met someone and thought they were from another time period? Their soon-to-be-released single, "1968", explores that feeling.

Photo credits: Stephanie Dinsdale (Left to right: Neuland, Maich, Koffman, Barrett.)

""1968" has a few meanings and has undergone a few transformations since we first wrote it," said Koffman. "It started with the lyrics, 'she was 1968, 50 years too late,' which came to me on a beach in Israel. Have you ever met someone and thought that they were from another time period? That's how I felt meeting a woman who taught me a lot about self-love, philosophy, nature and happiness. Her look, mannerisms and life philosophies were straight out of the 60s- and as a modern hippie myself, naturally I was drawn to her. I wrote some lyrics about my existential questions and observations, and sent it to the boys, who made it a huge rock tune."

The boys of Dirty Rick are Koffman on vocals, Alex Maich on guitar, Christoph Neuland on bass, and Chris Barrett on drums.

"Recording "1968" was really fun, but it was also a song that required more work once we showed it to our producer Roman Marcone at Halo Studios," said Koffman. "He suggested that we rewrite the verses because they sounded too much like another popular rock song, and we're so glad we did, as we believe we unlocked the full potential of the song once we put it under the microscope. We recorded the bed tracks in the old Halo Studios and recorded lead guitars and lead vocals at Psychotropic Studios with Nick Blagona. Recording the gang vocals at Nick's was a highlight of the whole recording experience for me, and I want to believe he would love how the song turned out."

Photo credits: Stephanie Dinsdale

Koffman and the band hope their listeners will find some escapism in "1968".

"1968" is a quick and dirty rock song that we hope the listeners can't help but dance to and sing along," said Koffman. "It's not reinventing the wheel, but we've put our own spin on the big rock sound of the 70's and 80's, not so much the 60's ironically enough. We're hoping that in this time of social distancing, that fans both new and old will feel like they're at a show just listening to "1968". Before you know it, you'll be able to 'take it where you want it,' which will hopefully be to a local concert."

Watch out for "1968" coming to all streaming platforms on Friday, April 17th, 2020.

Upcoming gigs:

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