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Single Release: "#1" by Melotika

This new single from retro-pop songstress Melany encourages listeners to stop hiding the real them.

Photo credits: Jordy Clarke

This Montreal-raised musician Melany Yelle-Nikischer is creating art in Toronto under the moniker Melotika- an electro-pop singer-songwriter combining retro aesthetics with new-age styles.

Photo credits: Jordy Clarke

"Exploring new styles is my style," said Melotika. "I try to do something different with each release while keeping my signature electronic sound. In my songwriting I like to add off-putting statements that make you think twice, and I always sing from my heart. I enjoy being lyrical and writing in metaphors."

Inspired by sounds from the 70s-forward, Melotika takes influence from artists like Maynard James Keenan of Tool, Lady Gaga, Britney Spears, Portishead, Metric, Madonna, and Silversun Pickups.

"I wrote this song during the summer of 2020," said Melotika. "We were going to add this track as an additional b-side to my EP Dancing Without You, but later decided that this should be a stand alone song. The vibe was so different and needed to be its own thing. With the producer of the track, Twocann, we re-visited my original stripped-down recorded version a year later, and re-produced the song to create a larger-than-life, yet chill electro-pop anthem."

On her latest single, "#1", Melany writes about focusing on living in the present, instead of giving over to insecurity.

Photo credits: Jordy Clarke

"Don’t go chasing love letters tonight, baby come on let’s ride," is a really relatable line," said Melotika. "We are often so anxious and try so hard to impress our significant other, or even family and friends for that matter, and we forget to just keep it real, slow down and enjoy the present."

On "#1", the artist introduces a new side of herself to her listeners.

"The song comes from a very honest place, filled with hopes, dreams, inspiration and all the weird uncertainties we face while growing up," said Melotika. "Living in this overly complicated world with expectations and standards manufactured for us, I want my listeners to learn to live in the present moment, whether that's with their loved one, family or friends- and to take care of that special person that they call their number one."

You can help support Melotika by following her socials, streaming her music, and by donating to her Bandcamp linked below.

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