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Video Release: "You & Me" by Isabella Chiarini

This Hamilton pop singer just dropped an entirely animated music video about life, love, and moving on from heartbreak.

Art credits: @lumitirix_luv

The teenage songwriter Isabella Chiarini is fresh off of the release of her 2021 EP, Every Single Tear, adding to the project's catalogue with a debut for an accompanying music video to the first track, "You & Me".

Photo credits: @koupistudios

Inspired by Billie Eilish's video for "My Future", the video depicts an anime-style woman torn between distracting herself with a group of friends, and standing pond-side in a nighttime forest reflecting on an ex.

"The song was originally written by Andrew Bontempo, he gave the song to me in 2021 to have a listen," said Chiarini. "I really liked it, but I felt it needed to be slightly re-written so it sounded more authentic to me. We then sat down together and co-wrote the song."

"You & Me" is a single about a young girl reliving the memories from a failed relationship.

"This music video has been months in the making," said Chiarini. "At first I was going to do a lyric video, but I quickly ditched that idea because I felt that it had been done too many times before and I wanted to do something more innovative. Around that time is when I started really diving into Billie Eillish’s music, and took inspiration from her music video for “my future” to create my video."

@lumitirix_luv is the animator behind the vocalist's music video.

"The process went super smooth!" said Chiarini. "I reached out to my development company in Nashville, Tennesse- PCG Universal, when I thought about creating an animated video because I wasn’t sure who to turn to. They connected me with Lumitirix, I told her my ideas and she immediately got my vision. She is so talented and was a joy to work with!"

Photo credits: @koupistudios

The pop singer was immediately impressed upon receiving the first draft for the video.

"I was so surprised, it was totally not what I expected, but in a good way," said Chiarini. "Only some small changes were made! One change I made was the ending, when it says my name. I wanted it in purple because my EP Every Single Tear, where “You & Me” was released, my logo was in purple and I wanted to connect the two."

Isabella wants to keep her audience guessing, so she hopes her updated style will be a pleasant surprise for her listeners.

"I think it's fun to find new ways to be creative and keep my audience entertained," said Chiarini. "The main message I want people to take from the video is that it is okay to feel hurt or think about someone you once loved, but they shouldn’t be your whole world and there is a life after that relationship."

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