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Mohawk College Music: Jadon Haughton

The curious and open-minded drummer wants to explore every musical area possible.

Photo credit: Jakob Sawatsky IG: @jakobtsky

The 20 year-old drummer Jadon Haughton was born in Mississauga, Ontario, and into a family of artists.

"My parents were always so loving and so supportive," said Jadon. "There was no doubt in their mind, or even a second thought about me getting into music. My dad has always been a full-time musician, and my mom was an actress and a creative dancer, so they've always been supportive of the arts. I don't think I gave it a second thought as a kid, but now that I'm older I really appreciate that."

Jadon was raised in a community of musicians.

"My dad is a piano player, so that's how I got started in music. It sounds really corny, but I grew up in church- my dad played the piano in church- still does. I would go to church rehearsals with him, and get introduced to the rest of the band, who eventually got me into the drums. So the mix of my dad playing and having a great record collection, plus the church influence, were really huge for me," said Jadon.

"I think I was around 5 or 6 when I started playing. I remember really connecting with the drums. I didn't have a drum set at home at the time, so I remember beating on pots and pans, and I think doing anything to keep myself rhythmically active. My dad eventually bit the bullet- he was like, "Okay, let's give this a try," and bought me a set. He first got me into lessons to see if I'd like it. He was very active musically, he would have a bunch of musicians over and they would show me a lot of things."

Photo credit: Zachary Bunyan IG: @zachariahprime

Besides family, Jadon was majorly inspired by the iconic jazz musician Miles Davis.

"For me, it was such a smorgasbord growing up, but biggest I think was jazz. I'll never forget this- at a young age, there was this deep fascination with Miles Davis," said Jadon. "He was like, the guy that basically started everything for me. I started following him and tracking down his lineage and that's how I got into everything- like rock, hip-hop, and funk. He was like the first guy on my list that I thought, 'Okay, if I'm going to be a musician, I'll have to be like him.'"

Jadon's musical influences come from every area you can think of- from jazz, to rock, to hip-hop and funk.

Photo credit: Zachary Bunyan IG: @zachariahprime

"Besides Miles Davis.. If I were to narrow it down, BADBADNOTGOOD for sure, they've definitely changed my life," said Jadon. "Christian Scott, he's a trumpet player from New York, Erykah Badu, Branford Marsalis, Queens of the Stone Age, New Math, Led Zeppelin, it's so wide and so vast for me."

After taking the one-year preparatory program, Jadon joined Mohawk College's 3-year applied music program. Although only in his first year, Mohawk's Music community has left a lasting impression on him.

"I think that, especially as a drummer, we can slack in other departments. I think one of the most beautiful and inspirational things about being here (at Mohawk) is really exploring and opening your palette," said Jadon. "Learning more about piano, music theory, and writing music, and all of those other skills that are so necessary in making a viable living and career in this business. Also another beautiful thing is the human interactions with people, fellow musicians and creatives and learning about other people and how they grew up inspires me."

Besides performing and school work, Jadon has multiple students that he teaches on the side.

"I teach many kids. I teach from age 5 to age 14," said Jadon. "That's the range that I'm in at this moment. I teach at a school in Georgetown, and I teach in two schools in Mississauga."

When talking about his future, Jadon is very passionate about both working in music, and with good people.

"I found that this year from playing certain shows, for me, playing and performing is huge," said Jadon. "That's the first and foremost thing, is to play and perform and to be on stage interacting with people. Number one is to be a great performer, but also number two would to be a writer. To write music and to compose, and arrange as well. I'd love to be in a band, but I'd also love to perform and be my own solo, independent artist. What I've noticed over my last two years of performing, especially here in Hamilton with such a phenomenal music scene, is that there's nothing like backing up a singer and being a part of their journey and message. So really all of it."

"I'm just an open book. I'm into everything and anything; performing, writing, co-writing, arranging, teaching, I'm open to everything."

Mohawk College Music students routinely perform ensembles in the McIntyre Theatre, Jadon's recent project has been to arrange one.

"I've had the challenge this semester to arrange a tune for an ensemble that has seven-part vocals and a rhythm section," said Jadon. "It's such a beautiful thing- you always have these great visions when arranging something so big, that sometimes you focus too much on the big picture, when it's really the little details that matter more. You get to learn that just by tweaking this or that, you can change the entire project."

Although open to the public, Mohawk College Music recitals don't get much attention outside of the program. Jadon hopes that will change.

"It'd be great for more people to come out," said Jadon. "I'd love for more programs to come and listen, hopefully really dig it. I think it's also amazing when it's your own peers- it's awesome to go to a big concert and see a huge musician, but I think it's even more inspirational and you're kind of left in awe-struck when it's your own peers."

Upcoming gigs:

March 14th 2019 @ Mohawk College's McIntyre Theatre


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