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Single Release: "Mine" by Joshua Pascua

This singer-songwriter writes about loving an insecure partner on his latest single, "Mine".

Hamiltonian musician and Mohawk music graduate Joshua Pascua has been busy bulking up his catalogue- starting off 2022 with the single "No Reason", a collaborative effort with Hamiltonian rapper Vinnii A, then followed by the recently released solo effort "Mine", a soft R&B track about love.

"I would describe my style and sound as soulful R&B," said Pascua. "With my past records, I worked with my producer Shwah (@shwahofficial) and we created some nice upbeat R&B/pop music, so with this new release I'm aiming towards soul to really showcase my vocals."

Pascua is often compared to Bruno Mars, but the singer-songwriter has many other influences besides the funk/R&B singer.

Photo credits: Alyssa Mikuljan

"Some recent influences for me have been artists like UMI, Khalid, Miguel and Frank Ocean," said Pascua. "Their music and singing just give me such inspiration. Other major influences are Bruno Mars and Anderson Paak, Their Silk Sonic album got me super motivated to start creating some funky and energetic music for people to just enjoy and dance along to."

The musician began writing "Mine" at the beginning of 2022.

"This song actually didn't take too long to write, I was in the right mood, I was playing the right chords at the right time and the words kind of wrote themselves," said Pascua. "The thing that took the longest was recording all the tracks, mixing and mastering."

The single is about the push-and-pull of a burgeoning relationship, one full of insecurity and doubt.

"It's about the uncertainty of one person to another, that one person feeling as though they aren't the best for them but then the other people letting the one know that they're special no matter what," said Pascua. "Just your typical love story like Romeo and Juliet, but without the killing and fighting!"

Photo credits: Justin Pascua

Josh wrote, recorded and produced "Mine" entirely on his own.

"This record I wrote all independently, everything from songwriting to recording to mixing is all done by myself," said Pascua. "I wanted to prove to myself that I can put out a well written and produced song and just showcase my talents as not only a recording/performing artist but as a producer, songwriter and audio engineer."

The musician hopes his listeners are able to relax while listening to "Mine", to lay back and enjoy the single's soulfulness.

"I want them to really capture the feel of the chorus, and really enjoy the song for what it is," said Pascua. "With this song only being so short, I want every second to feel like a minute, and every minute to feel like an hour. I'd love for people to really listen to this record and just get lost and enjoy the journey this song will take them."

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